How to downgrade your social media presence comfortably

How to comfortably downgrade your social media presence

I just placed a podcast episode in regards to something that more and more talked about and people are putting it could practice by downgrading social media presence. Not only do I find this as a healthy protest but in today’s world with privacy it is a much needed practice. Feel free to take a listen. Thanks!

The AH-HA Moment Has Not Gone Away..It's Has Become Stronger.

Inspiration can come at a moments notice with a movie , an individual, a song, and the right place at the right time. Have you been in a certain situation were a good idea about a service or a product comes into play? We all have had that moment but the truth of it is only 3% act on it and others just go on with their lives. For those 97% you might have just wasted a huge opportunity and maybe a couple of years down the road where someone else comes up with your idea, you usually say " I thought of that idea three years ago!" Guess what...who didn't follow through..

What stops a person from following their dreams? Usually other people. The people that say "it's a stupid idea" or "if it is such a good idea why isn't anyone else doing it?!" When certain people hear that from family or friends their spark fizzles and the dream is over.. However the 3% they don't listen to that usually follow through with their plan. When they succ…

There Are So Many Things You Can Flip Nowadays!

I need to make some extra money! Have you ever heard yourself ever saying that? Or maybe it's a friend, family member, etc. saying that ?  I am sure you have, but there are plenty of ways to create a side hustle that can make you some extra money without ever leaving your home and I still do it to this day, and it's called "flipping".  Am I talking flipping homes? No, even though those two words are usually married to one another, there are many things you can flip other than real estate. ( Which is not a bad side hustle by the way ;)  )

    What am I talking about you may ask?  Well let's start by looking around your home is there anything you could logically say to yourself that you could easily part ways with?  toys, books, tech, silverware, coffee cups, tools, cell phones, art, etc?  I am sure there are :) Don't look too far from your basement or attic because you might be sitting on something that could be worth a lot more than you think in the secondar…

Plan Your "Hooky Day" Out For Your Course Correction

Playing hooky is not really part of today's lexicon for sure..which shows you my age ;) However it basically means for those that do not know: taking a one day "break" from work.  Now is it something that is recommended by many people in the work force?  Of course not, as matter of fact its frowned upon.  But if you ask me I would recommend it (especially if you do not like your current work state)  and as a matter of fact I think it's healthy especially if it is used correctly.

      Many people that make those unannounced absences from work are really not taken advantage of, instead they use it to lounge around.  Now of course if you love what you are currently doing in your career, then more power to you and lounge away.  However if you are on the other side of that coin, take that time and make something out of it.  Start making moves for a course correction that will lead you to the right direction.

     Have you noticed a certain something that is happening in…

Multi Level Marketing Too Risky Of A Business Model

Just recently I was asked to attend a MLM (multi-level-marketing) get together to share my thoughts on a product my friend was about to sell. Now first, anyone that knows me knows how I simply hate that form of business because I find it as a "pushy" practice towards family and friends. In this case they were  trying to pitch a "video phone company" that I guess is going to get it's spotlight on an upcoming reality business show, which I think is great exposure for the product but my question is how are they going to beat the heavyweights..Verizon and ATT? (Hello...Skype? Facetime? Anyone) So with that being said when it comes to MLM's there is a ton of questionable businesses out there for you to start with. From "health drinks to video phones and everything in between".  Don't get me wrong a lot of people have done well, but it's not for everyone..

The world as we speak is in a fragile state with the looming conversation of another re…

If you have some to say..write about it!

The one thing that amazes me is that there is so much talent out there and people have so much to say which is beneficial to many..however the zipper has not removed from their lips.  My question to that is WHY?!  Does it come down to confidence, self awareness, or just being lazy?  I don't know honestly. However my suggestion to you is that if you believe in your inner monologue that you have  something to say that would benefit someone else...well what are you waiting for?! Start today.

     The truth is, there is so many tools out there in the form of blog and podcast platforms you can create to get your message across and most of them are free!  If you want to start a blog you can use Blogger or Wordpress or if you want to start your podcast use Anchor which requires no equipment just your cell phone.  Sounds great right?! This is the point where you get excited and the adrenaline starts to pump...then out of the blue... you slow down and start pressing the breaks..why?  Th…

Posting motivational quotes are ineffective…and delays the process

How many times in the past several years have you gone on to your social media and have seen either a friend, colleague, or even family member share a motivational quote. I’m sure there of been many instances that have come across your newsfeed. With that said, what has to be realized is that as nice of a motivational quote that you’re willing to share… they are ineffective to the people that you’re trying to reach. Most people will secretly tell you that they find that “lazy” Also the end result depending on how repetitive, will lead you to possibly be blocked from their newsfeed. However, there’s nothing wrong from being motivated. I actually encourage it, though I always say keep your motivation quiet and personal. The more you are telling people what you are going to do through a stranger’s quote, the more ineffective it is. My advice is simple, keep your cards close and be effective on what you’re trying to achieve. Your actions and accomplishments will be motivating enough in so…

Gift a Book to a loved one and it might change their life…it changed mine :)

It was 1995 and it was the holidays. I was going through a downward spiral as to what to do with my life. I must have done a bunch of odd jobs just to make my ends meet, and it just never connected. However, I never thought that a gift from my then girlfriend (now my wife) would simply change my course of direction and my life. The one thing that I have always enjoyed is giving someone a gift or an experience that I know that they would enjoy and I would sit back and enjoy their reaction. It’s just something I have always thought would be appreciated. Gifting something to a loved one, makes one person not miss out on something that I know that they would enjoy. Though that particular holiday season I didn’t have the means to do such a thing for my girlfriend. I purchased presents that were what I would call “boyfriend typical” ie: perfume, etc. Just the thought of it bothered me, but it was all I could do. In the end she was the one that turned the tables on me. So it was Christmas D…

Competition Should Always Be Admired..

Competition should never be feared, it should be admired. A lot of people when it comes to business always fear competition, but they don’t understand how beneficial it is to their own business. The essential part of competition especially in a business industry is it’s healthy and it grows the industry. The more attractive the industry is the busier everyone will be…but you need to hustle. Case in point, 10 years ago if I ever told you that there will be leagues that will consist of video game championships that will fill a 19,000 seat arena would you believe me? Probably not. But E leagues are a specific and essential part to our culture, believe it or not. The growing competition in E leagues primarily on the title of the game and it’s genre, Play a central role. For example first person shooters, sports games such as EA’s FIFA, NBA 2K, Madden, role-playing games, etc are all essential parts of this phenomena. To the point, this morning I was listening to sports scores on a sports …

How I Use Music to Create My Games For The past 20 years…

Everybody has their own view on what they need in order to be creative. My biggest tool happens to be music, I find it to be a complete inspiration when it comes to designing a game. The reason why is because quite frankly each song has its own theme as well as its own story. So sometimes as I’m in the middle of designing the look and feel of the game materials and challenges, I’m usually constantly wearing headphones. It pretty much brings me to a completely creative place, and at times I might stop just to listen to lyrics. Motivation is an interesting dynamic, especially when it comes to music. A lot of people get inspired by the design of the song and the beat, which is completely understood. The beat of a song can change the feeling in your body and maybe pump up your adrenaline (if your at a Gym) But I believe the lyrics are more inspirational there anything. The art of storytelling in a song is rare, but when you find one you need to listen to it more than a couple times. The …

Do You need to change your "Echo Chamber"?

Have you ever been somewhere and in your inner monologue you just simply said to yourself..."what am I doing here? I could be somewhere else doing something better with my life"  I'm sure many of us have had that thought at least once in our lives.. Well that probably means that you are in the wrong "echo chamber". You maybe saying to yourself right now...what the heck does that mean?!  An echo chamber is not a futuristic sci-fi capsule to keep you forever young, it's a fancy new term ...that means your surroundings and the people that are in it.

      An echo chamber can either derail you or lift you to the next level of your life.  It all comes down  to who might be within it and what they are trying to echo throughout the room.  But if you happen to be in one that might make you feel heavy, negative, not promising, or too self need to leave it and say matter how personal the grouping might be to you.  Your mission is to…

My Top 3 Side Hustles While On A Lengthy Vacation

First I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, always a great time of year! The 4th of July is one of my favorite times of the year and unfortunately this year I was not in the U.S to enjoy it.  At that time I was vacationing in Canada with my family. However, I might not have been able to enjoy the 4th this year but did get to experience Canada day in Quebec on July 1st.  Ole Quebec City is simply an amazing experience and I highly recommend it, it's the closest thing to Europe.

     However this blog post is not about my vacation, it's about something a lot of people think about from time to time and that is how they can enjoy conducting their business abroad while they are vacationing at essence the best of both worlds.  My answer is simple... it all depends on the business / work you are aspiring to do, in order to bring you to that point in your life. .So I am going to mention my top 3 occupations that you can achieve this ambition :) 
I must throw a disclai…

My Top 2019 Team building Suggestions

It’s summertime and when it comes to the corporations, offices, and communities  that means team building season is in full swing! With that said the question is "what type of team building exercise do you want to pursue, and will that be suitable for your colleagues and or staff?"

    With all due respect, a simple pig roast or cocktail party doesn’t really ooze team building. However you can include it...but after the team building event because the event will become a social conversational piece. The ultimate goal is to have a day of fun as well extending communication and relationships within your organization. So what I decided to do since I am  in that line of work to provide you was a few type of team building event you should look into.

Building For A Charity
 This type of team building exercise has been around now for the past several years, and is always something that is special amongst corporate circles. Charity team building can be used in so many different ways…

Best Bachelorette Party Ideas 2019

This is what we think are the best bachelorette ideas since we have experts in the field for close 20 years. The days of the typical bachelorette party is a thing of the past, and now girls are looking for other alternatives rather the stereotype.. times they are indeed changing. So since we have been in this space for several years (20 to be exact), we can recommend some great alternatives. If you are the maid of honor I can definitely understand you position because you are the planner, and sometimes the planning can come easy and other times challenging. So here is what I would say are the top suggestions in the new Bachelorette market. DAY OF BEAUTY What bride doesn’t just want to relax with her friends and family just with a spa day. A lot of spas have fantastic packages where they will plan the whole day with private services for your guests. Pretty much close the store for you (depends on the spa) From facials, aroma therapy packages, mani and pedi services, etc. The list goes…