Tuesday, April 22, 2014

To Be On Reality TV or Not To Be...That Was The Question..

Hello Cashunters!

      The last 12 months have been amazing for the Cashunt product and interesting at the same time.  The product has grown and we have also added 5 other Cashunt cities to our family which has been working very well. The other thing that happened that some of you might know from previous blogs of the possibilities of the Cashunt being transformed into a television product.
     With that said, in the past year we were approached by two major Hollywood production companies that wanted to take the Cashunt product and make it into a 6 episode reality format competition series.  At first it sounded pretty exciting of Cashunt ending up on one of the (Big 4) networks but there were catches of course.  For those of you that know anything about how the Hollywood  machine works it's pretty simple "what your product is and how that translates to screen" is not a true representation of the product.
      So decisions had to be made and once the essential excitement of being on television wore off, it was about being "real" about our business.  The format game didn't work..too expensive, not a true depiction about the product, etc.  To be honest I was relieved...but they threw me another option...how about a docu-series, that would have the "drama and the goings on, of a behind the scenes look at Cashunt and the other Cashunt cities"
     If there was anything out of the two ideas I was looking for Cashunt to be, it was a competitive TV game show series.  I was definitely not interested in a docu-series format, to their surprise.  A docu-series for the most part is a cheaper way of product to be placed on television..and for the most part it would be"scripted and un scripted". What I explained to the producers is that I didn't like the idea of something I worked so hard for to be exploited.  The exploitation of the business, myself, my team/family, partners, and most importantly my customers...was not in the cards     If you watch most of the docu-series reality shows out there..you have owners criticizing their team, criticizing their patrons / clients and fabricating arguments just to make "Good TV"  Quite frankly, that's just not us..
    So in conclusion I thanked these great people for even considering us and we have been pretty friendly ever since.  The funny thing was that they were surprised at "how normal" I was about the whole thing and passing on it. They had said people would be "jumping hoops just to get on TV"  Truth of the matter is I have a lot of pride of the product and the people around it...and that's as a real as it gets....


Thursday, April 3, 2014

ART and Secret Spinoffs?

One of the things that has always been a huge factor in all of our Cashunt games is the ever changing challenges that we offer every year. Sometimes those challenges become pretty memorable so much so that a few years ago we created "spin off" games as expirament. Those games were The Gold Rush and The Secret Race, and really created another branch to our game family. Last year we debuted the Art Dash which did very well and really opened a lot of people/players eyes to all the cool public art the city of Boston offers. This year I decided to keep the Art Dash because of it's cool exposure to the city. We are also bringing back a very popular challenge and making it it's own game but we are just changing the game's title.  So the game that was once called The Secret Race is now called Cashunt:Secrets which after completing the game design...I wish I could have played it! Art Dash is currently playing, we are hoping to debut Secrets in the summer. Shhhhhhhhh....

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Press Play: Cashunt Toronto

We are very close to partnering up with Tourguys in Toronto, Canada to start offering games it their fantastic city! This will be a totally different flavor of game and really concentrate just like our other locations of their beautiful and hip location.  With the inclusion on New York City this season Tornoto is a great second location for this season.  There might be a third location this year..but we can't talk about it right now because it's an avenue that is not officially decided.  Right now the other cities that we are concentrating in bringing Cashunt for 2015 is Savannah, Ga  and San Diego, Ca. After this really harsh New England Weather I'm thinking of warmer locations. Cashunt Toronto will hopefully start  in late spring/early summer. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

One more city to go...

So as of a week ago we kicked off Cashunt NYC to rave reviews, which is pretty darn exciting! I have had my eye on NYC for years and just couldn't figure out how it would work. But now we have merged with some great partners Levy's Unique NY and the game design works very well..and I am very pleased. Now we are looking to one last city for 2014 and we were approached by a city that we find interesting.  We can't talk about it until it's official but the exciting thing is it will be our first game outside the country.  We have been very greatful for this growth but even more greatful with the very cool partners we have.. Stay Tuned :)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

It's a good day at Cashunt!

So we are in a transition that we are finishing up by moving to a new office and adding cool team members to our cashunt family.  The other cool thing that is happening this weekend is our debut in NYC! This is one of those things I have been waiting for, for a looooooooong time...but we are here and I am stoked! We have great partners in NYC which are The Levy's of Levy's Unique New York..and I am sure will be bringing in a whole new dimension to the game in the big apple.  The New York location will be divided and broken into separate games that members of the public can choose. The game that is debuting tomorrow (Cashunt's NYC Mad Dash) will take place in Little Italy, Chinatown, and the financial district.  This version of the game will have a different start and end location because the way Manhattan is shaped (narrow) so the game will start in Little Italy and end at Bowling Green. The other games that will be available for New York soon will be the Mid Town area and Brooklyn. So first thing is first and we will cross that Bridge when we get there ;) As of now New York will be offering Cashunt's NYC Mad Dash, Bridal Dash, and Birthday Dash.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cashunt New York...but where in NYC?

So we just made the announcement of having branched out to NYC, which we are stoked....but now comes the work..  But is it really work when you enjoy what your doing?  We are going to start with one location in NYC, and slowly build from there. With that said,  right now ny games will take place in Downtown.  I was taken on a tour last week to observe the playing area and all I could see was so many options to making this version of Cashunt a really fun experience!
    When we mentioned NY to some people prior to our announcement...people were asking if it will take place in Time Square? The answer is no..for now.  What we want to achieve with this version is to show our players a different view of New York City that is rarely advertised.  That way you do indeed see the city in a different light and now collaborating with Levy's New York..the possibilities are endless.  But the next city in the spectrum of NYC is....Brooklyn... I think that would be a very interesting location to this really hip city.. More to come!! Enjoy New York Cashunters!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Now we unlock the secret to these strange postings...

As most of you know we love promotions and always try to get the public into our little zany world..  With that said, there has been a cool promotion going on for the past few weeks right under your noses.  It's what we call the "pigeon case" about an "old heist" and some lost diamonds that have been missing until now.  These "diamonds" are scattered around the city and now the clues are out there to guide you to them!  Now you might be asking yourself why should I care?  Well...that's a great question and now let us enlighten you..   Read the postings to the pigeon case on our facebook feed and twitter feed and it will give you clues to where these diamonds are.  Once you figure out that location go there and search for the hidden diamond with a secret number to claim your prize.  What are the prizes?  Bruins and Celtics tickets, Cashunt gear, and a free Season 14 private game for 8 players .Keep in mind that the other diamonds that are out there are duds and will indicate that on the diamond..   If you crack the whole case...well then lets just say you won the grand prize..  Good luck.. The promotion starts this Monday and ends Wednesday at 5pm.