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Friday, September 19, 2014

Slow and Steady wins the Race

We have had a wild ride for the past 24 months with expansion cities and being approached by two Hollywood producers to bring Cashunt to Television which has been a fantastic experience and surreal. As we approach our new season in 4 months we will be announcing two new cities for our 15th season.  At that point we will be taking an intelligent break from new expansion and concentrate with the great cities that we currently have in our library. I believe it is a smart move rather than an overload.

     Sometimes businesses look for the golden ring quickly and let's call for what it is..%85 failure.  As the old story of Tourtoise and the Hare goes....slow and steady wins the race, making the hare wonder how the Tourtoise always wins every race he challenged him to.  So we have always taken that approach since Cashunt's inception and we will continue with that formula as we move forward.  Not to say we won't listen to considerations, we will know when the right move is when the time is right.