Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Put A Ring On It With a "DASH" ;)

   During our 11th season of our game our office  started getting calls from certain individuals that wanted to use one of our game platforms as a disguise for a wedding proposal.  When I spoke to the very first gentleman that was thinking about this idea..the first thing I said to myself was "how the heck am I going to pull this off!"  So I turned it down…then after I took his information and got to thinking about it after we both got off the phone..  I took out my sketch book out and suddenly found myself designing a game that would be solely customized to a wedding proposal.  After a day I called that particular gentleman up..and I simply said that we are on!
   So after several weeks of customizing, scouting, designing, and planning the ultimate ending to this particular game …which was a wedding was game day. Our client had brought some friends and family to play as well as his unsuspecting girlfriend..and they played what appeared to be a "typical" Cashunt.  Forget the boyfriend being nervous…I was sweating bullets as if I was the one ready to propose.  The only thought that kept coming into my head was …"what if she says no?" Luckily everything went smoothly..she said yes, everybody enjoy the competition of the game, and ultimately the ending was really the "icing on the cake".
   Now at the time we were well into our 11th year  of doing our games and this was the first time we had received that type of call, but oddly enough after that event had passed the phone started to ring requesting the same thing!  We did 5 wedding proposal games that year and after they were done I simply said…no more..  It was way too nerve racking (mind you all the girls had said yes) but let me tell you as a coordinator my blood pressure must have been through the roof one each one!
   So now as I write this (January 2013) we have created a game that is by far  "less stressful".  You might ask, why did I decide to go back when I said…I'm done?  Well it's simple.. the phone calls started again last quarter for this type of situation.  After really listening to the client and talking to my team I came to realization we should come out with an interview process to see if the game/proposal would make sense for us to coordinate it….just to give us a better idea (how long have you been together?,  what kind of person is she?, that type of stuff)
   With that said we are happy to once again announce that we will be offering this type of service in Season 13..with a new game that is specifically designed for this type of event.  The name of the game will have an unsuspecting title so it will not give anything away…but it will defiantly be  a memorable game to say the least.  I can say one thing…it will be interesting ;)


New Cashunt Bridal Dash Trailer Season 13

We have a lot of fun games and surprises in store in Season 13!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Teambuilding game to get "JUMBO SIZED"

When it comes to our games we always like to keep adding more to them year after year to give our new players and returning players the ultimate experience.  This year we have really retooled our Teambuilding game that we offer to our new and returning corporate clients.  The biggest challenge when it comes to a returning corporate client is making it different on the fly and make it look ever so different from their last competition with us.   It can be nerve racking but also a lot of fun at the same time delivering it.
   So as we do every year we reinvent ourselves and this year our team building game will be "jumbo sized" to give our players an overwhelming experience where they will not know what to do first..which will make the game ever so challenging and exciting.  We are also going to make it a little longer from the past so instead of a 2hr game it will be 2 1/2 to 3hrs of playing time and also it will cover much more ground, giving our players a HUGE playing field.  The "less is more" effect does not work with Cashunt..more is more,  our players have spoken and we have listened.
    The elements of a Cashunt game will still hold true in our new team building product but will offer a lot more than what was normally offered.  For example for years Cashunt has been a 6 challenge competition that any part of those 6 challenges can be played at anytime within the time that given. Now with the additional hidden challenges in the new game booklets,  that can reach to 10 or even 11 challenges just in one game!  In conclusion…it always about the experience and the execution, and that's what makes players come back for more.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


    This year's Championship will be held on October 27th and usually for the past 3 years we have held it in Salem Ma during Haunted Happenings which is always so much fun.  But this year we are changing it up a little bit, we will be hosting the game in Harvard Square and the Back Bay area.  What changed our mind was after researching the Harvard Square area for our new game "The Havad Yahd Dash" we thought it would be the ideal place to host our championship there because there is soooo much detail in that area alone.  Also by including the Back Bay area it just expands the game so much more…the bigger the area the better.
    As we did last year our finals will only include our 2 top teams of the year..we think it becomes so much more competitive when you have it that way..when we had it as the "final four" for the past 11 seasons something lacked and it just didn't seem right..but by doing it this way just works like a well oiled machine.   At the end of the day having the top 2 teams going for our trophy sounds a lot better :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Turn your imagination into reality..with 3D Printing.

If you told me 15 years ago we will be talking to each other on our computers or cell phones and looking at each other at the same time through those devices I would say …that's "Jetson's Stuff"  But now we have Skype and FaceTime and we do just that through our computers, phones and now in with our TV's.  Now if I told you that you can create a 3 Dimensional item from a computer using a 3D printer…what would you say to that?  After researching 3D printing my jaw dropped as to what it does and what creative things you can do with it.  Granted it might be a little costly today but it is bound that the prices will drop and we will all have one of these printers in our households very soon! Check out You Tube Video above and get inspired and welcome to the "Jetson Age" :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Update on Team Photos and Videos:

 Starting Feb 1 all team photos and videos will stay on our servers for only 30 days.  So after your game make sure you download them before they expire.  If you have any questions please call the office at 866-276-4733 and speak with your game coordinator

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Don't reinvent the wheel…tweak it

I can't tell you how many times in the past 15 years when I am at some sort of gathering that I'm new to my surroundings,  I feel funny but also different.   You know how it goes you get to know the people around you no matter if it's a birthday, wedding, christening etc.  and somewhere in the conversasion the ultimate question comes up…."what do you do for a living?"
   When that question comes up in most circles you will  hear….I'm in sales, construction, a nurse, a manager, secretary, attorney, etc..but when it comes to me and I say.."The scavenger hunt business"  the music stops… "you are in what?! and you make money doing that that?"  To my answers "scavenger hunt business and yes it is my career " Once I break that barrier to that question…there is this whole interest to further explore my profession which might lead into a contact.
   With all do respect all the other professions listed above..they are all fantastic occupations but in the end they are typical..people will not tend to further question what it is you do.  But if you take a current profession and tweak it a bit and make it different…well that is a whole new ball of wax.  It will be as if you have opened a new door..keep in mind mostly every profession can lead to a new and different road..which will make it more exciting and sometimes even... revolutanary. In order to be different you don't need to build  a new are just tweaking the one you are already rolling.
    So be different, think about how you can spin your current career.  Because when it is different  then people are going to be curious and curiosity might lead you to many new roads you think you would have never traveled.  But keep this in mind..if you approach your boss and he or she says…it's a bad idea, well that's when you break free and start thinking about being an entrepreneur. In the end I have always said if I was in a room filled with all different but typical occupations surrounding me and there was also a guy or a girl that worked as an acrobat in the circus..who do you think I would find more intriguing :)

Be Different!

Monday, January 14, 2013

If it isn't broke…sticking with what works for us.

   So here we are 2 weeks into our 13th season and the new design has been played by  (handful of games / 10 different teams) and the result was positive…WHEW!  As I had mentioned in the previous post about reinvention…it's always good to be fresh..but in the same instance (the "reinvention") has to work or it will backfire and then we will have a downslide.  Fortunately other than a couple of suggestions about "additions" to the game..straight A's across the board!  Thank you!
     Some people in the past have suggested to take the game more into the virtual world and have the game done all by smartphone.  Look I know that exists and the companies that are using that platform are doing very well and more power to them…Cashunt is not that.  The only tech aspect we are using on our game is only 10% and that is through QR codes..other than that it's all physical materials. 
      Call us old school but I believe our clients still want their "host" and still want the physical materials that come along with the game..people still want to "touch" the product.  Having people just download an app that you can play anywhere (no coordinator, materials, etc) and where you have to pay for just not us.  It all about the experience and the energy of the initial game, that make people talk about it, and I am saying that for everything that is a physical business be it tour, show, etc.
       Now as several of you know that have played a Cashunt game in the past, that the game is always changing throughout the year :) With that said we have a few more tricks up our sleeve  and it will make the game "bigger" in a playable sense.  So in our case when we think we're done with designing…..a week later while we are waiting at a red light and an idea pops up, then we turn the car around any go back to the office and add it in :)  

Friday, January 4, 2013

Time For Reinvention…Again ;)

 First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!  We hope you all enjoyed your holiday season, it's always a great time but it just goes by too fast..   So new year  and for us new season, which we are excited about as you can imagine.  With that said it's that time again for "reinvention", which has become an annual tradition here at  Cashunt for the past several years.  The goal is pretty simple…change some of the game  and make it fresh which includes the game's foundation and design.  So with that said I just looked at the new design and I am pleased and excited for this years version.
     You maybe be asking what is the difference from the past few years, (that question is usually brought up by repeat players that have played the game before).  With out letting the "cat out of the bag" and sounding a tad vague,  what we can tell you is that the game is no longer "6 challenges rolled into on zany game" it's much more than that!
     Last season we decided to experiment with the usage  of QR codes and having the game books have more "depth"  with the inclusion of the Cashunt website during an actual game.  Also we really loved the idea of "secrets" that we included in our team game materials that would lead teams to new hidden challenges throughout the city.  Let's say the experiment was a huge success and now has a pretty big presence in our games.
     The game book design for this season was inspired by the "silver age" comic time line of the 1960's.  We really had a fun time putting the game book design together and added a lot of "double take" sections .. let's just say a couple of additional twists and turns :)  Another thing we are keeping this season is by making the game booklets "valid" during the game season and can be used for some cool prizes for our quarterly promotions, throughout the year. Making the actual game booklet have a shelf life of 1 year.  (Last year we gave away tickets to the Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox, and Revolution to some players taking advantage of their game booklets and these promotions).
      We would love to tell you more about it but we just …can't, but we are really happy with this season's end result.   Our goal every year is to give our players "the wow factor" by the quality of the material, the product, and ultimately the experience…I think we have again achieved that once more!  This game booklets will debut on Jan 6 to kick off Season 13!