Friday, September 19, 2014

Slow and Steady wins the Race

We have had a wild ride for the past 24 months with expansion cities and being approached by two Hollywood producers to bring Cashunt to Television which has been a fantastic experience and surreal. As we approach our new season in 4 months we will be announcing two new cities for our 15th season.  At that point we will be taking an intelligent break from new expansion and concentrate with the great cities that we currently have in our library. I believe it is a smart move rather than an overload.

     Sometimes businesses look for the golden ring quickly and let's call for what it is..%85 failure.  As the old story of Tourtoise and the Hare goes....slow and steady wins the race, making the hare wonder how the Tourtoise always wins every race he challenged him to.  So we have always taken that approach since Cashunt's inception and we will continue with that formula as we move forward.  Not to say we won't listen to considerations, we will know when the right move is when the time is right.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Always seek out a mentor..and learn.

    When I was started out with this crazy idea that we call "Cashunt", I really tried to seek out as much research as I could about "games".    I was really influenced and inspired by cultural aspects of, music, comics, classic games, noir, and theater and put them all together into one product. But sometimes that wasn't I seeked out a little guidance to make sure I was pointed to the right direction.  
     So I seeked out people that inspired me in the past, that I would call unbiased and that I call my friends / mentors today. People like Patricia Manning my old marketing/advertising professor, Philip Sabratta my theater professor, and Angela Peri.  Each one different from the other but each one being upfront and honest about the creative direction I was taking.  These lessons they gave me hold true today and will continue to do so..
      With that said if you are looking to make a "change" in your direction, all the power to you! The one thing I would say to you is "don't assume you know it all" because in the end you don't. Seek out a mentor..who he or she may be is different for each and everyone of you.  They could be a family member, good friend, professor, etc. Just seek out that person or persons that are "neutral" in their opinion and someone you can trust.  Be ready for creative criticism, BUT do not get discouraged when you hear it and consider it as a tool to further enhance your product.
       Other mentors are the ones we do not know personally but can learn a heck of a lot from them.  Now with the internet and YouTube you can look up any one you admire and learn from them.  Watch documentaries about those individuals or watch interviews they have done talking about their pitfalls and successes.  The more you take in,  the more you will learn from them and I always encourage you to share to those close to you that are willing to "change" as well.  There is plenty to go around :)
        In the end what ever project you decide to take will realize you will never tire from it or ever look at your watch...because you love it!  But just as musician always practices and feeds their craft, so should you and watch your dream slowly grow into a reality.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Already Fall?

So here we are already for the Fall, funny how the years go by so fast.  But Fall is always a fun and exciting time for us here at Cashunt!  First of which is this years version of The Haunted Dash taking place in Salem Ma this October for it's 13th season!  This year we have added a little bit more to the game to make it even more challenging..but yes the "rats" are still in the game ;).  The other thing that we are offering with The Haunted Dash only for the month of October is that if the whole group of players come to their game in costume we will give each and every player a discount of their ticket price! Hey your in Salem in the month of October, so let's all get in the spirit! The other thing we are changing is that we are taking out The Turkey Dash for the month of November and making all the city Dashes with a Fall theme instead. With that said if you are planning for a game on "Black Friday" this year we would suggest planning well ahead, Black Friday is one of most popular days!  Lastly we will be in our Fall / Winter Hours starting November 1 where games will take place 7 days a week as usual but start at the top of each hour from 10am to 3pm.  

Till Next Time..