Friday, April 13, 2012

The personality of a "brand"

The key to business is quite frankly personality, without personality your business or your brand becomes dull to the public that you are trying to attract.
Your brand has to be creative and if anything should have a story behind it. When you have a unique brand name it has to have some sort of connection to the service or the product that you are selling. There are people that are intrigued by the origin of certain businesses and how they got their name. If you are a start up business, this is a fantastic reference tool.
You need ultimately to be in the public mindset, like I've always said nobody talks about "boring" they talk about cool and different. Joe's donuts, fantasy nails, and seashore computers just don't cut it. Take your time with it, there's no need to rush. Remember it has to have some sort of connection to you and the product or service that you are selling, selecting the wrong name can always be very expensive.
Another thing that you have to consider is that other than the name of the brand and the personality behind it, you the business owner need to be part of that personality as well.
There has to be an ultimate connection between your business and yourself in other words, you need to be the brand. Think of people like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and Michael Dell. When you think of them you think of Apple, Virgin, and Dell. That right there are examples of the connection you need to have along with your brand.
The bottom line.... be patient, brainstorm, relate, and become your brand.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Moment Is Now To Start Your New Direction..

There is nothing more exciting when I see creativity being used every day now by new businesses that really want to push the envelope. The days of the typical 9 to 5 in typical occupations are  starting to lose their attraction and people are starting to look another way. They're taking their strengths and their passions and really making something out of it, which at the end of the day is inspiring and also gratifying.

 The great thing is people are really starting to pay attention to their talents and that is really important.  You are hear or read about it everyday.   Now in 2012 even after  coming off of one of the worst economic crisis in this country's history, people are starting to embrace a different direction and are bringing in a new aspect of their lives. In other words, if they can not find a job..they will create one and that right there  folks is called "drive" Something that we all have if we utilize it correctly.

 One thing that I've always believed is not to be boring personally and professionally, quite simply said boring is not being talked about. When you see people that are going to be new entrepreneurs and trying to embrace that different direction they are also learning not to be boring.  This brings in a newfound excitement and is making word "work" exciting again. This road taken is important in many aspects mentally and physically and is ultimately "healthy"to one's future... again if done right.  How we perceive ourselves to the public is a craft in itself, sometimes to be "unpopular is popular".  That might not make sense at this moment but it will in the other words do not be a trend.

    If you study your new endeavor correctly and plan it out right you will succeed.  Now in 2012 you have SO many tools to get the word out, that it is going to cost you much less today than say ten years ago.  So to those of you out there that are looking for that new direction, I say to you be smart, don't listen to critics, and give it a go!