Friday, August 26, 2011

Marriage Proposals & Some Changes Taking Place

So as we wait on the eve of Hurricane Irene, I figured I would keep you up to speed as to what is going on at this moment in our little universe that we call CASHUNT!  As you might remember that in our last blog that we had been approached by several suiters for us to design and coordinate their marriage proposals using our game..   I'll be the first to say I was totally skeptical when it came to this uncharted ground, but after coordinating a couple of proposals all I can say after both girls screamed "YES!!!"  it was a  Piece-Of-Cake :)  This for some reason landed on or lap without even thinking about designing this sort of thing, now that we got the hang of it and we are being challenged with each "proposal call" we get..  I think we may just have stumbled onto a new venture..stay tuned:)
      The next thing that I wanted to mention are two big changes that will be taking place asap.  First will be our annual championship.  The championship always took place every April of the following year because of the weather quite frankly here in New England was not doable for a game here in the winter.  With that said we will be hosting our championship game in October so we can have the final within the current season as opposed to the start of the new upcoming season.  We thought by waiting too long might tarnish the thrill of the championship and holding it every October keeps it fresh and our invited teams are even that more enthusiastic!   So this season's Championship XI will take place in Salem, Ma on October 30th at noon!
          The second change will be in regards to team photos and videos, all team photos and videos will be up now for 2 months and will be available for purchase at very affordable prices and will be given a variety of different options for professional printing as well as some cool gift options that will present great memories from your game.  That will start taking place with anyone that books a game a starting September 1, 2011.
      With that said we are closing in on the tail end of our 11th season...we still have many, many games to go until we close this chapter.  There are some new things up the pike that we are pretty excited about but do not want to hint about it until it is all official.

For our friends along the Northeast stay safe with Hurricane Irene, sit tight it's going to be a doozy!