Saturday, August 12, 2006

Summer 2006 has been by far the best Cashunt Season we have experienced! In our 7 years of gameing with Cashunt this year has prove to be the best of the 7. The success of our new additions to the Cashunt family and plus constant twists we keep putting in Cashunt, it always throws people for a loop, that is our promise, that is my comitment. Even though we slowly are approaching the end of Summer we are preparing for the Fall in Boston and starting once again October 1st in Salem, Ma Cashunt: Haunted. This year proves to be a more challengeing haunted game than years past. Reservation will start as of 9/1. Our home games are selling all over the country with people chooseing from our library of Cashunts and loving them! That brings a smile to our faces. Once again there will be a BIG game in the Fall as we did once before this past May. The location is disclosed and so is the date it is completely open to the public and is FREE. Without giving so much away it will consit of prizes and will be conducted for 3 weeks. That is all I can talk about, just stay tuned for clues. To the Cashunt team I just want to say WAY TO GO!!!! Time to head back to the blackboard for our next challenge!

Keep Hunting!