Thursday, October 27, 2011

Museums to be a part of library in 2012

This is one area we have been playing around with for the past few years and I think we are ready to add museum games in our library.  There are versions out there that involve indoor scavenger hunts in museums and what we found them to be is a tad dull.  So we said to ourselves if we were to create a game in a museum what would we do in order to make it fun and entertaining and less feeling like a tour.  So we have created a couple of versions that in typical Cashunt form will include multiple challenges that will keep our players on their toes throughout the game.  Theses games will be in beta form from December 2011 thru February 2012..and after that trial time we will be offering it in a full time basis in the spring,  These games were supposed to be ready and active in 2010 but we really didn't like what we were about to release so we decided to rethink it and go back to the black board to give our players the ultimate museum scavenger hunt experience.  These games will appear on our website in December for bookings. If you want more information on these indoor games please feel and give us a call and speak with a game coordinator.