Monday, December 7, 2009


It is that time again and right now from the looks of it we have out four teams that will be pitted against each other at our annual championship on April 11,2010 those teams are:

The GoGATtters vs. Mustachios vs. Sneaky Strays vs. Sunday River Divas

Congrats to our final four!!!! Your Official Invite will be sent to you via e-mail in the coming weeks!!
Season 10 is Looking Pretty Good..
This season (season 9) is weeks away from officially being completed and what a year it was! New records, new games, and one heck of a ride that proved that Season 9 was a huge success...but Season 10 is looking fantastic. As you might well be aware 2010 will be our 10th anniversay and what we have in store for our players is yet more new games and retweeking some of our popular titles making all our games "fresh and new". We have taken the liberty of asking old players about suggestions about our current games and inserting their thoughts into our 10th Season. Right now we can not officially release what those new games are but they will be revealed at the begining of the year that will also introduce and brand new website that currently looks fantastic. I hate to keep things secret or vague but at this point it's what makes it exciting.. more info coming soon!