Monday, September 17, 2012

Cashunt Urban Race 2013 Some Details...

Happy Fall!

       We know it's been a long time since we have last posted, with that said we would like to post when we think that there is something you should know about.  That time has come.  In 2013 we will be throwing our hat into to "Urban Race" ring, and compete with other companies within the country with our own version of an urban race.  After studying the competition we think that by us adding some elements of a "Cashunt" into our version it will make our version of the race even more exciting to the other races that are being offered today.  
       As always it is always about the "product" and we think the product will be revealing in 2013 will that much interesting, competitive, fun, and different.  The game will be in an "Amazing Race" style of a foundation and will be played in teams of 2 or 3.  We will have early registration for a discounted entry fee and we will be partnering with a few companies that will be part of the experience .  This will be a  4 city tour, (cities will not be mentioned until the beginning of the year, as we are in the process of researching some desired areas.)  The other thing we do know the games will take place in the Spring.  
       We have been wanting to do this for some time now, but we definitely did not want to rush into this arena until we had a great product that we would know everybody would enjoy.  The end result is for people to enjoy the ultimate experience that will be great for everybody and will be memorable from beginning to end.  This will be a very cool event and we will have more information in the upcoming months.
       As far as season 12 of Cashunt has been a great season once again!  Our new games that we introduced this year that have been well received and our updated versions of our more popular games have been well received also.  We have seen many returning faces as well as many new ones come in for the challenge and that competitive energy has been fantastic to witness!  We have a few more months to go for Season 12, other than our staple games, we have the upcoming Haunted Series in Salem in October that is all Sold Out as well as other seasonal games such as the Turkey Dash on Thanksgiving weekend and Holiday Hijinks all month in December.  
  So there a lot more games to be played..we will talk to you soon and we will see you on the game board.

The Cashunt Team