Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Old School VS New School

Old School vs New School has been a battle when it comes to technology especially in this day and time.  Now, I happen to be a huge fan of tech and have been for many many years.  But I have to admit, I am a bit old fashioned when it comes in and tries to take over old concepts.  I am not crazy about the idea of books now being  replaced by tablets and DVDs being replaced by streaming video, it has become the death of book, video and music stores/chains.  Now it has even entered the now "Scavenger Hunt Industry"...(never thought in a million years their would be such a thing by I was told recently that it does)  I assume it's a good thing ;) 
     There are companies that use hand held smartphone and have now created "scavenger hunt like" apps.  To those companies I think they are fantastic companies and I respect them to utmost..but the old fashioned interaction of a physical scavenger hunt can never really be replaced by an app.  I think there should be a "physical social" element that should be personal and upfront and to be quite frank becomes much more enjoyable and talked about.  Social physical interaction might start becoming a thing of the past and as the years go by and  if we continue to  hibernate in our homes in front of computers, tablets and smart phones, then the human element of socializing will eventually diminish.  So we must try to swerve that from happening and as entrepreneurship I think it our duty to keep that aspect alive.  At the end of the day it's very very important and it will show in your customer's reviews.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Creating Your Buzz..

The one thing I love to see is when certain businesses or individuals stand out from their pack, it's a very interesting thing to witness and study.  People have mentioned that in order to stand out and reach a successful level, you must not be boring.  Simply stated "people do not talk about "boring"  they talk about "interesting, controversial  funny, inspiring..but never ever do they talk about.. boring.  One thing I have always said is that if I was in a room that contained several people of various respectful occupations (salesperson, attorney, carpenter, dentist, and a clown from Ringling Brothers Circus) I would have no problem  starting a conversation with the clown in the room...why?....he's interesting.  Now am I saying for you to join the circus or the other occupations mentioned are not good ones? Of course not.   What I am pointing out is that interesting individuals  occupations, or businesses create interest and get people talking.   Businesses such as the apparel comapny called "Johnny Cupcakes" that has rerevoultionized the t-shirt business to one of the biggest rebels in business and a personal hero of mine Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin Group are people that stand out and get people excited as to what is coming next.
         I believe most people have that ability to outshine from the pack, I see it often when I speak to people that are very passionate about something.  When I see that in someone, I get very excited because I can feel their energy and I know that they are capable of becoming that interest and creating something special.   The problem with that?  90% never follow through and that is very disappointing.  The most popular excuse of not following through is quite simply "I do not have time"..guess what you do.  Do you watch TV, sports, spend hours on the internet..then if you do..simply get off the couch and do something with that time, be productive, study, and keep learning it will turn out very well in the end.  Create that swagger , that interest , that will make people notice and it does get contagious.
      You have been given a ticket to your life that eventually has an experation date that none of us knows when that will be.  So with that said it's a gift that you want to use and make something of it..that is clearly not boring. When you grasp that and continue to educate yourself on that passion it will be a part of your identitiy from that day on...