Monday, August 30, 2010

New Point Record - Peanut's Posse

So earlier this year we had Tara's Tribe break what we thought was an unbreakable record held from the then record holders and current Cashunt Champs Team Jumpstart.  Now it happened again.. with one of the most competitive teams that have emerged in our 10 year history and the go by the name Peanut's Posse.  These girls came to play and play they did, they played the game using the three words we encourage each team to utilize before each and every game.  Delegate ...Improvise ... and use Strategy..and they did and the end result..Peanut's Posse is the current top spot holder for the championship game and also new record holders!  Just when you think something can't be broken....think again!

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Philadelphia Mad Dash

This year has been an interesting year to say the least as to how much traffic is coming from Philadelphia to Boston.  It seems like every 3rd game we have are people visting from philadelphia as opposed to the typical (NYC Conn, RI, etc)  So with that said, every single client that is from philadelphia and has played the game continued to ask us why Cashunt has not visted philadelphia?  So hearing it for several times a month we took the liberty and did some research...and the result was perfect. Philadelphia has everything that Cashunt asks for (walking town, history, great props, etc) so we are annoucing as of April 2011 that The Philadelphia Mad Dash will be arriving.  Bookings will start as of March 2011, we are really excited that this is taking place and we are pretty surprised we didn't notice it earlier.  Thank you people of Philadeliphia!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We Became #1 Top Popular Attraction In Boston!

We are pretty excited that we have reached the top spot on Tripadvisor here Boston, it is by far a really cool thing to achieve and we really have to thank all you Cashunters that made it possible.  Our mission on ever game is to give you the very best live gaming experience there is and so far we are achieveing this and the response has been fantastic!  This 10th season have been full of surprises and each day brings something new and we are ready for each and every challenge that comes our way.  The biggest secret that we have is that we always try to reinvent ourselves so we can all deliver our players a constant fresh product and never make it dull, and that to us is very exciting and also challengeing.  But you cashunters suggest things and we listen and by doing that the experience is always fun result.  We have reached the halfway point of our 10th season and there are some fun things coming our way ie: Cashunt's Haunted Dash in Salem, MA during Haunted Happenings in October and our Holiday Hijinks games in November and December, so prepare yourselves with revised versions of these games because they will deliver surprises :) 
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