Friday, December 7, 2018

Creative Mentorship Towards Young Creatives

Please Listen to our latest episode on our podcast about Mentor ship towards young creatives. Please support our Podcast because it is our pleasure to bring these episodes to you :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Creatively Speaking : Remembering Stan Lee

Friday, October 12, 2018

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For the past few months we have created a podcast via a lot of different platforms, that is basically talking about the Cashunt Game, proper entrepreneurship, creative influence, etc.  It's been a fantastic journey thus far and we love doing it!  Its called Chris Damianakos's Creatively Speaking and we would love for you to jump on board a give us a listen!  Ps. Like I always say...have a notebook near by ;)

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

When you decide to make a “Switch”

Life is not a cemented thing where you must choose your position during your time here on the planet and stay put. You can move and make new decisions that will give you new journeys to experience. That is something a lot of people do not really understand that they have that freedom. For the most part it is based on fear.. of the unknown and what people will think of them. My advice…Screw What People Think! Just go do what you like and be happy, how hard is that?!
Mind you I’m not saying drop what you are doing and go start a new it gradually step by step until the transition is complete. Abrupt sudden moves do not really work out for the best. You need to be pre-pared and attack it head on but one step at a time. Quite honestly I constantly think of my next switch all of the time. I consider it to be the second chapter of my life. Second chapter you may say.. yep, I have always viewed life as two chapters. First chapter is the day you are born until you hit 49 years of age and the Second is from age 50 until you leave this earth.
Nowadays you can pretty much be anything you want, and all the information to those avenues are at your finger tips. This was not the case prior to 10 years ago..but now the rules of the game have indeed changed. The days of beating down doors just to be heard…are gone. Now you can be heard all on your own power. This can be done by a simple podcast, video, blog, post, etc. and it will eventually reach the audience you want but there is discipline involved..nothing comes instantly. But if your passionate…who cares. Really.
To give you a personal example I love to study people in so many different fields because I find most people’s occupations rather interesting. Especially if they are not of the “norm”. Case in point Mike Wiens..who is Mike Wiens you may ask? Well Mike runs a Youtube channel where he travels around the world with his wife exploring different foods. He currently as of this posting has 1.7 million subscribers…that is very impressive for something so simple.
What I found so impressive about this guy is not only does he have a great show…but one episode he talks about how to do what he’s does. Why did I find that impressive…because most people do not share their “secret sauce” but he did..and that was cool. The truth is folks the world is large, so everyone has a place in it. With that said..after watching several episodes and following him..I said to myself “how cool is that!” I would love to do something like that eventually for my second chapter with my own twist.
When you watch his episodes its not as if it involves huge production costs. Its basically a camera some editing and his enthusiasm about talking about what he loves (food) in different countries. That right there folks is sooooo powerful that his passion comes out of the screen. It’s basically broken down to two things, the content you provide and the passion that it contains. So who knows in the future I might indeed leave the gaming business for something else I am passionate about ;)
With that said, if you are planning to eventually make the switch.. take your time. Treat it as a hobby, and there is no need to tell the world. Just go do it! That hobby will probably turn into a side hustle, and who knows maybe a second career. But keep in mind it takes a lot of commitment and that might eventually turn into a handsome reward. You have all the tools right in front of you (scale social marketing, podcasts, youtube, built in editing software, etc, etc, etc) So think about it, write it down (notebook should always be an arms length away as I said in a previous blog ;) ) and start exploring your switch.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

We are moving our Podcast to Anchor

Hey Guys!

Just to let you all know we are taking our Creatively Speaking podcast to Anchor!    Give us a listen ..

Friday, February 2, 2018

How I have used music for inspiration for the past 18 years to Create our Games.

Everybody has their own view on what they need in order to be creative. My biggest tool happens to be music, I find it to be a complete inspiration when it comes to designing a game. The reason why is because quite frankly each song has its own theme as well as its own story. So sometimes as I’m in the middle of designing the look and feel of the game materials and challenges, I’m usually constantly wearing headphones. It pretty much brings me to a completely creative place, and at times I might stop just to listen to lyrics.
Motivation is an interesting dynamic, especially when it comes to music. A lot of people get inspired by the design of the song and the beat, which is completely understood. The beat of a song can change the feeling in your body and maybe pump up your adrenaline (if your at a Gym) But I believe the lyrics are more inspirational there anything. The art of storytelling in a song is rare, but when you find one you need to listen to it more than a couple times. The reason for that is that you may interpret that song differently every single time. A true artist, is an artist that will create a piece of art that can be interpreted a 100 different ways… That is what I call a creative masterpiece.
For me I actually take notes of a particular song and dissect it. From that it might provide me a theme for a challenge or a cosmetic look of the materials. I know that might sound all weird, but if you have played any of our games for the past 18 years, you will clearly see how music plays a major role in the visual art of the game booklets as well as the challenges.
So I can conclude with the following, find a quiet place and listen to your favorite album. I don’t care what type of music it is and listen to each track. If there are 10 tracks there are 10 tales, each one containing a different interpretation and inspiration. So sit back and enjoy, but always have a notebook nearby. Because the moment the needle completes the Album you will have a bunch of content that will help you create and inspire your masterpiece.

Official Announcement of Miami and Crete

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Our new CASHUNT city is….

The one thing I love is bringing our product to another city and recreating the game board based on that area. Their have been many cities that we have looked at and and continue to look at, but we study it to make sure it’s a perfect fit. Is it walkable? what is the cultural setting? demographics? and how can we positively expose that city to give our players a new appreciation of the city’s surroundings. Sometime the city works out and we move forward…or it doesn’t. In the end we are not greedy, if anything strategic so we are not wasting our time as well as our potential facilitator of that location.
Sometimes we look at smaller areas / markets where the product can flourish and bring a more unique approach to that market place. Then there are times we might look at a larger city that will bring another approach to our product with a wide variety of clients. With that said we will have 3 new cities in 2018, which one of the 3 will be in Heraklion, Crete (Greece). However I would like to announce the first of the 3 that will start games in April 2018. Along with our partner Awfully Nice Tours we are happy to announce that our first Cashunt city in 2018 will be in Miami, Florida!!!
Miami Florida will give our players a different approach to the Cashunt product with new challenges and twists and turns..which has been our trademark for the past 18 Seasons. Cashunt: Miami will offer games for Customized Corporate Team building, Customized Birthday Experiences, Custom Wedding Party Experiences, and its general game Cashunt’s Miami Mad Dash! The setting of the game will take place in a portion of South Beach and utilized the funky and cool area of Wynwood!
We are very excited on this new location, and have finally added another “warm area” to our library….but there is another one coming in May ;) Stay tuned folks! In the meantime to learn about Cashunt: Miami or any of our other cities or you would like to bring out product to your area…visit our site

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Choosing Our New Cashunt Cities Carefully…

One of the coolest parts of our business is to find new locations for our product that will bring a new game element / theme to the new city that is chosen….but we are picky. A lot of businesses..want to grow rapidly which is fantastic…but that is not our method..I believe rapid growth tarnishes the novelty of the product. For us when we pick a new city it might take a year even two, but it has to fit the criteria. The “criteria” being location, working with the right people, how we can develop our game and have it reinvent itself every year, etc…which we will keep to ourselves. ;)
In 18 Years of Cashunt the one thing we are proud of is our reputation..and how that reflects is via the constant repeat clients as well as the fresh faces we see year after year. Building a business is definitely not as easy as people would imagine, just like any other business it takes alot of what many people see as a treaded word..”Work” ;) Once that is achieved and you can sacrifice a few things for some time…then your product’s execution will bring you some Bliss. The trick is you have to keep at it.
Anyhow, with that said we will be unveiling 2 new Cashunt cities tomorrow, both finally in warm areas of the country! Yay!!!!! One will kick off in April and the other soon to follow! The other passion project city which will take off in Late Spring is our first International location in Greece, on the beautiful island of Crete!
Slow and steady wins the race and that is my advice for everyone…that approach will give you victory. I promise you..