Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cashunt New York...but where in NYC?

So we just made the announcement of having branched out to NYC, which we are stoked....but now comes the work..  But is it really work when you enjoy what your doing?  We are going to start with one location in NYC, and slowly build from there. With that said,  right now ny games will take place in Downtown.  I was taken on a tour last week to observe the playing area and all I could see was so many options to making this version of Cashunt a really fun experience!
    When we mentioned NY to some people prior to our announcement...people were asking if it will take place in Time Square? The answer is no..for now.  What we want to achieve with this version is to show our players a different view of New York City that is rarely advertised.  That way you do indeed see the city in a different light and now collaborating with Levy's New York..the possibilities are endless.  But the next city in the spectrum of NYC is....Brooklyn... I think that would be a very interesting location to this really hip city.. More to come!! Enjoy New York Cashunters!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Now we unlock the secret to these strange postings...

As most of you know we love promotions and always try to get the public into our little zany world..  With that said, there has been a cool promotion going on for the past few weeks right under your noses.  It's what we call the "pigeon case" about an "old heist" and some lost diamonds that have been missing until now.  These "diamonds" are scattered around the city and now the clues are out there to guide you to them!  Now you might be asking yourself why should I care?  Well...that's a great question and now let us enlighten you..   Read the postings to the pigeon case on our facebook feed and twitter feed and it will give you clues to where these diamonds are.  Once you figure out that location go there and search for the hidden diamond with a secret number to claim your prize.  What are the prizes?  Bruins and Celtics tickets, Cashunt gear, and a free Season 14 private game for 8 players .Keep in mind that the other diamonds that are out there are duds and will indicate that on the diamond..   If you crack the whole case...well then lets just say you won the grand prize..  Good luck.. The promotion starts this Monday and ends Wednesday at 5pm.


Experience the Game..Wear The Gear! New Limited Season 14 Cashunt Gear is in 15% off weekend promo type WEEKNDSAVERS!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

And the NEW Cashunt City is......

Cashunt and  Levy's Unique New York (That the Travel Channel named New York's wackiest tour guides) are now in partnership!   We are proud and very excited to announce our newest city  CASHUNT: NYC!   This version has been in the works for months and has finally found the perfect fit with the Levy's! 

CASHUNT: NYC is going to bring a very exciting mixture of the Cashunt experience  and the culture of NYC into a fun, exciting, competitive, and memorable game!   Games will start running in March and will be a perfect fit for all private events from social to corporate games.  The other exciting part of this partnership is there will be additional Cashunt games that are customized into popular New York spots such as Brooklyn, Midtown, Downtown in 2014 and 2015.  For more information on CASHUNT: NYC call our office at 866-276-4733!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Some Cool Things We Can Talk About For Season 14

Happy New Year Everybody!!!

We hope you all enjoyed this past holiday season with your family and friends! It's amazing how the years fly by and here we are in 2014 already! We are taking a 2 week hiatus and then we are back to work as we officially enter the 14th season of CASHUNT! It feels like yesterday where we produced our first game and here we are over a thousand games!
  The first part of the agenda is to announce our new Cashunt City later this month..something we are very excited about and close to finalize.  This new city will definitely bring a multi-flavored experience to the Cashunt product..and the possibilities are endless. We were thinking of a second Cashunt City later in the year...but we might just want to go one city at a time every year.
     Also this season as we will be introducing a new game book design (if you played Holiday Hijinks this past December you had a beta sneak peek ;)  )  It's no secret that we change the design of the book every year, it just keeps everything fresh.. I don't believe in a product being stale...because if you get comfortable in your product and don't switch it looses it's luster. So this season's game materials are inspired by Marvel's Silver Age Comics line (1960-1974) I think the booklet's look brings the fun of a Cashunt game experience out of each page.
      Also the other cool thing we are doing is we are color coating medals.. Each game we offer have a different theme and color scheme to the game materials ( Bridal Dash, Harvard Hustle, Sweet 16 Race, etc) why not the medals??  The medals became such a hit last year that the premium look of the medal made the players really wanted to win one.( which was very cool)  So last November one of "Vet Cashunters" that has played the game several times, suggested why not color coat the medals to the colors of the game? So with that said Jennifer we listened and I think it was a great idea to have every winning medal have it's own identity.  Thanks again!
      This year's 14th Championship will not be played in Salem, Ma in October as we have done in the past 2 seasons. ( Great Location in October Though!) It will be played in Harvard Sq with the Harvard Hustle game in September. A date will be announced later in the coming months, but just like always it will be held on a Sunday at noon!
        So there you have it for now..there are a several other things I want to tell you all but I need to keep my lips tight..just because they are not ready as of yet..but everything will be by 2/1. So sit tight as we have some fun in store for you in the next 11 months.. All the best to all of you!