Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Championship Might Be Pushed Two Weeks

There could be a very good chance that we might have to push the Championship two weeks because of the season extending into November. We are very pleased as to what we have seen this season and the demand has become stronger for most versions of the Cashunt family of games. So with that being said we want everyone in the 2008 season to have a crack at possibly ranking top 4 for the championship. It is not official, but it might happen we will let you know in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

DVD's Will Be Part Of The All Cashunt Games in 2009!

Starting in 2009 we will be offering a customized DVD of your game just to make your game even more enjoyable. Teambuiling games will automatically have it included in their package as opposed to social games will be given an option to include it for an additional fee.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cashunt's DASH Hunt Will be coming to
NYC and Chicago!

Due to popular demand our popular Customized Dash Hunt Corporate game will be available as of March 2009 for NYC and Chicago. We will bring our 7 part game to these two exciting cities and we are sure your group will feel challenged playing this fun, competitive, and memorable game. For more info on these games hit this link that will bring you to our live game section.

Fall Cashunts
I know it has been some time since my last blog but we have been so busy as of late that there was just no time. I hope all is well out there and you are having a nice Fall season. What I would like to talk about is our Fall hunts this season. As you might know we are in the middle of Cashunt Haunted season in Salem, Ma as well as our continuing Cashunt games in Boston. Some people are calling in regards to our Haunted Dash in Salem and asking us about possible games in November. To be honest, having a Haunted Dash in November really defeats the purpose, you really want to play the game during Salem Haunted Happenings Event in all of October, it's much more fun. If you want a game in November we would suggest our Fall game in Boston, it's just a fantastic part of the season to play this game. For more info on our fall games log onto