Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Twithunt Beta was a success!

This past weekend we added a beta bonus round in our new Hide and Seek game in Boston. The beta bonus round was a round that was used with twitter. Both teams had to have at least one smart phone on their team, where in turn they would get special instructions to race around the city via twitter looking for bonus items that were planted The other attraction was people outside the game could in fact follow the game and also be a part of the game in some form. The end result was exciting and in turn the test was a success. The Twithunt Bonus round will be included in only some of our games this summer.. If you want it to be included in your game please indicate that with a game coordinator.

See Ya!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Salem Ma will have Cashunts starting in June..

For the past 9 years we have always hosted our Cashunt: Haunted game series in September and October. But in the past couple of years we have been getting requests as to having cashunt games in Salem in the summer. With that being said as of June 1st we will be having games in Salem, Ma! Now for obvious reasons it will not be Cashunt: Haunted that has it's place in Salem in the Fall, but it will contain a couple of elements of that game in the summer game. The other great thing about the salem game is that it will be in classic cashunt form 6 games in one and will be 2 hours long. The cost for this game will be $30 per person for kid games it will be $20 per child. As always if you want it to be customized to your group not a problem.. If you have any further questions about Salem, Ma please call 866-276-4733 between 10am to 5pm and speak with a game coordinator..

Friday, April 3, 2009

Twitter Cashunt and Follow The Action!

Now you can follow all the fun of a Cashunt on Twitter! You can get last minute updates, twitter public hunts that are open for everybody where you can win prizes, news, and much more! We have added a fun addition to all our games where players can tweet their cashunt experiences during the game and share it with family and friends at home. It's just another way that we are making Cashunt more interactive and intimate. We will also be adding a tweet hunt bonus round on some games where the clues will be given through a twitter app. We are really excited about this new addition and we are sure our players will be too..

Follow Cashunt and Head Game Coordinator Chris www.twitter.com/cashunt