Monday, October 11, 2010


Hi there Cashunters! hope all is well and you Fall has started off the right foot!  As I write this to all of you, we are about 2 months away from closing our 10th chapter to Cashunt and preparing for our 11th.  Every time at this point of the year we start working on what will be in the horizon of the Cashunt universe for the following year, and with that comes reinvention..  The reinvention of our games have been an annual practice and it constantly makes the Cashunt brand new and refreshed.  We retire games, create new ones and always update the games in our library because we never want repeat customers to think that have the game all figured out ...when they really don't ;)  2011 or Season 11 as we would like to call it, will have all of these elements in the upcoming year, plus more.  The culture of our business is to give our customers/players more and at a fantastic price that they will talking about it to their friends for a long time.  It's always a great thing to hear, when a repeat client that had played the game a year ago calls our office to book another game  and that they still talk about their game experience to this day...Bingo! That is music to our ears!!  So you may ask.. what do we have in store for you?  Can't let all of the cat out of the bag just yet..but I can tell you a little :)   Some of our anchor games will be reinvented with new bonus rounds and brand new lists to make it even more challenging.  We will be offering a "Deluxe" version of our Boston Mad Dash that will cover far more ground with new challenges.  Also the southeast might be in play..   Right now that is a very little taste as what to expect in 2011 but there are a couple more announcements that will not be official until the first of the year.  That's it for now..I will talk to you all very soon!