Sunday, February 24, 2013

Our Facilitator Program Begins..

     Through the past few years we have receive various interest for people from other markets to facilitate our cashunt games. We had thought about it and really did not want to jump on to something without being completely ready for the next step.  As you might have already seen in a previous blog post that we will be offering franchises we will also be offering a facilitator program for those that are not looking to franchise but are willing to have the fun and exciting job of facilitating our Cashunt games.  What we are looking for people that are outgoing and are a people person to coordinate our games in their desired area.
    The key thing to keep in mind is that we are not just going to agree to any place just for the sake of bringing the brand and product to another city.  The location is obviously key in the factor of a "walkable" city that has great surrounding areas and attractions around it.  That way it enhances the areas and makes the game ever so challenging and detailed.  The experience is always key to our clients and the relationship to our games and coordinators.  We are not a clipboard and a sheet of paper type of company, our image is professional in all areas: the coordinator,  the game materials, and the pre and post game experiences.
    The other thing to know is once we assign a facilitator to that area it is theirs and theirs alone. So the facilitator will not be sharing the area with another Cashunt facilitator..they would be exclusive to that area alone.  With that said if you are interested in facilitating our Cashunt games..feel free and call us at 866-276-4733 and we can provide you with all the details.  If you are looking for a fun and exciting job or you are currently an existing tour business and want to add on to library of services..consider Cashunt a top ranked scavenger hunt experience now in our 13th season!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

St Patty's Dashunt Returns for Season 13!

Our specialty seasonal games are always popular but our annual St Patty's Dashunt is always up there when it comes to this unique game in and around the St Patrick's holiday in Boston!  The St. Patty's Dashunt is a game that has the foundation of a cashunt game and is built upon a Boston St Patrick Theme! 
    Now in our 13th Season this game is only offered during the dates of March 1st right to March 17th ( March 17th is already SOLD OUT)..we have talked about this being a regular season game..but I personally think it's best played in and around the  March holiday.  The game is great for people that want to have, laughs, and love a little competition.  This game is not at all a "pub crawl" but just a fun alternative city game..which is what all the cashunt games are all about!  You can save the alcohol for after the game ;) If you want more information about this game feel free and speak to a game coordinator and he/she can fill you in with all the details!

Friday, February 15, 2013

New Game For Field Trips, Kids and Families!

In Season 13 Of Cashunt we are introducing a NEW! game to our Boston Game Library.. which is Cashunt’s Boston Park Hunters!   The Boston Park Hunt is a 2 hr game that all takes place in the 3 major park areas in Boston (Boston Common, Public Garden, and The Esplanade!)  We will take your group and split them into teams as they search and solve the fun challenges we have in store for them in these amazing and historic parks!  This is a fun alternative that we are sure everyone will enjoy and that will be talked about for sometime after their game expereince. This game is fantastic for kids, families and field trips for schools and camps)  Games Start off in April and go till September!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

NEW Public Game: Boston Mad Dash Deluxe!

   First of all I hope everybody is back on track after the Blizzard we had this past weekend.  When it comes to our library of games mostly all of our games are private and only one is public, which is the Boston Mad Dash.  With that said we are going to offer another one of our games that can be played either as a private and a public game and  that will be the popular Boston Mad Dash Deluxe.  The BMDD has been a popular staple in private events now for the past 3 we thought it would be a perfect fit for a public game.
    The BMDD is a 3 1/2 hour event that starts off from Harvard Square and ends off in the Faneuil Hall area.  The public version of the game will be offered on the first Sunday of each month starting on May 5th thru September 8.  You will be able to purchase tickets online through,, and  As always public games will always be public vs public event..we only allow 10 teams of 4 to each game..the only thing you need to bring is comfortable shoes and a team name.. we provide all the materials and fun:)  If you have any questions about the event you can call our office at 866-276-4733 and speak with a game coordinator from 10am to 5pm mon through friday.  If you already have played the Boston Mad Dash...well you haven't seen nothing yet ;)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Storm Update for Boston Weekend

Due to the "Blizzard Conditions" in Boston Friday and Saturday. We will be rescheduling all of games. You gotta love New England :(

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Our Game-Booklets Are Coming "ALIVE!" Again This Season!

  Last year we tried to make the game have more of a "post game appeal" after one has competed in one of our Cashunt games.  So what we decided to do with the game design of the book is to put some hidden codes within, which could be activated at any given moment  (days, weeks, or even months) after one has played an actual Cashunt.  Initally people that play a Cashunt game will be handed their game materials back at the end of their experience, so they can keep the booklets as a souvenir.
  So as we noticed more so with repeat players, that they tend to keep all the game booklets from different seasons , we thought..let's have the game booklet take on a life of itself.   With that said we placed hidden clues within the game booklets that would be hidden to the naked eye and be more visible once we "activate them".  Once activated it will give our players a chance to find the clue in the game booklet, that will eventually lead them to a voucher hidden somewhere in the city for a cool prize. (last year it was tickets to a sporting event..this year might be the same)  What's the catch?  Zilch! You just have to have played a Cashunt game in the current season and to have kept the game booklet from your game.
   Some people in the biz..thought this was's not, it's giving back to the players that have put us on the map.  It's simple, I strongly appreciate our clients business and we want to reward them with something unique.  So it's an element of surprise when it comes to the spotanaity of the promotion and the challenge that sets forth for a whole new game.
   How it would work would be simple we would use the power of social media through many different streams to connect to our current season's players past and present and send out a "teaser".  That "teaser" will notify them with in the next 10 days there will be a clue to where a voucher has been hidden that will reward them 2 tickets to a sporting event. ( The catch the clue to the location is hidden within your game booklet)  So we tried it out..skeptical if it would work at first..and within each of the 4 times we ran this promo within a current season…the voucher would be found no later than an hour.
     So as the saying goes "if it ain't broke…" and with that said.. we are doing it again.  We want our player's Cashunt experience to be one that is memorable and will go a long way..that is ultimately the goal.  So at the end of the day..once you think you have finished your game experience…there is still game to be played ;)   Don't lose your books Cashunters and good luck!


Friday, February 1, 2013

The Power of Play is Important!

  I think as people grow older they forget that they were kids at one point and they say that playing is "kid stuff".…  Really…Really…well as it turns out those our the same people that are all grown up and play indoor soccer, dodgeball, hockey, and I can go on and on.  Let me ask those individuals "don't those games fall under the umbrella of kid stuff?  Come on!  The power of play is so important when comes to mental stimulation be it a board or video game because it enhances strategy and problem solving.  Also the physical doesn't matter if it is a race or a rec league.. it's excersize  and it puts you in an escapism mode, which I believe is extremely important these days.
   The power of play is important in all aspects of life, it takes you away from your normal life and makes you focus on something that is fun, challenging and at times rewarding..there is nothing wrong with it.  I think the people out there that are "too serious" have to relax a little bit and remember that they still are just a kid..just all grown up.  When they do and they practice with the "power of play" I will guarantee for that moment..they will never..EVER say that "play" is kid stuff.