Friday, January 27, 2006

There is a big chill in the air here in Beantown, but we can't complain from the winter we have been having here the past few months. Right now we are prepareing out promotional route for the new 2006 season, so we have some surprises along the way. Our promo campaign will be appearing in local and national magazines hopefully by mid 2006 so keep a look out! Our new Cashunt Pics gallery is now up, we just think it's another way for cashunters to share their cashunt experiences with others. There are also 2 new Cashunts that were just released which are Cashunt: Prom Hunt and Cashunt: Greek which gives a Greek theme to the game.
Now what is this big thing that is happening this March you may ask, which a few that have read the last blog ask me nowadays. I'm still mum on the subject as we are very close on finalizing the event, but all I can say is it will be online a month before the eventw hich will be mean you will see ads on it in February on the cashunt website . Let's just say we are pretty excited about it. Well Cashunters gotta run out in the cold, talk to you soon and keep on guessing.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Just want to say first of all happy 2006 everyone! I surely hope it is a happy, healthy, fun, peaceful, productive, and profitable new year! (whew! that is a long list but I mean it from the heart). With this new year my mind has been spinning as to what new directions Cashunt will take on, and the answers have come in pretty fast. I, as you might know or not know take in suggestions from past cashunters, and my ears are always open. So I decided to take Cashunt is a couple of different directions. One was something that struck me when I was in Las Vegas the summer of 2005 and I thought what a great way to incorporate Cashunt in Las Vegas. Now I know there are a couple of companies that offer scavenger hunts in Vegas, but not in the way I view how Cashunt would be played. We would include the majority of the venues in Vegas which would make much more game for anyone playing. But the best way is that Cashunt could be played at any casino in the world. Any how the game was developed in November 2005 and has been doing well ever since in two versions Cashunt:Casino and Cashunt:Las Vegas. This year in 2006 there will be more games that will be offered Cashunt: Uncensored, Prom, Hawaii, & Greek. What we try to achieve is to spread our wings as far as they can in order for everyone to enjoy the experience.
One of the best things I love in life is gimicks and this year I have a gimick that will be done in Boston as a great promotion for the Cashunt Series in 06' Now I'm keeping mum on the subject because it is under wraps, but all I can say is it will definately be exciting. Just keeping coming to in the next couple of months and you'll know what I'm talking about. As for now my lip is zipped. I think the best thing in life is having your health and living your life, but there is always some fun to be had and that make life worth living. As for now my Cashunters I bid you farewell for now. Keep On Hunting!!!