Sunday, June 29, 2008

Indoor Hunts are offered here no problem.

We here at the office get the occassional question if our games can be played in indoor areas. The answer is yes on some of our games or we can have our team come to the area that you would like to host the game and create a completelly customized indoor Cashunt to that location. There is never a problem because we have done it many of times before. So where ever you want to have the game played give us a call and we will go to the location of your choice and scout it out. This is especially important when it comes to games that are conducted during the much colder months.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My favorite cashunt video thus far in the season...

Our latest game takes an old take on the family feud and transforms it into one wild multigame game competition. Come on you know a family out there that thinks their family can take on the world. Their good at this their good at that, blah, blah,blah.... where it makes you sick! So with that we decided to that and make a game out of that theme. So we did a test run on Memorial day weekend and it was really one of the most competitve games I have seen thus far in the history of the Cashunt. So with that we know it works, people enjoy it and bookings started as on June 1st which looks pretty good thus far for an alternative family and friend game. The Greatest Family Race is now available for bookings right through October. For more information on the game call a game coordinator at 866-276-4733 or go to

Friday, June 13, 2008

It's Time Once Again For The Great Gift Certificate "DUCK HUNT" Promotion!

As some of you mught or might not know ever year we do our very popular "Gift Certificate Hunt". Now we have been doing this for the past 4 years and it's such a popular thing that we do it twice a year. It's completely free to the public and the way it works is simple, every week for the month of August we will be placeing a clue as to where a particular "rubber ducky" might be. Now that "Ducky" can be anywhere in the state of Massachusetts. Once the lucky person finds the Duck they must photograph themselves with it and send in the code number under the duck. Once everything matches that person will recieve a Gift Certificate to one of the following places: Best Buy, Target, The Gap, AMC, Victoria Secret, Bannana Republic, Old Navy, Netflix, just to name a few. So get ready cashunter because the "Duck is on the run, very soon!"

Monday, June 9, 2008

Public hunts qualify for the championship?

People have been asking me from time to time when it comes to our public hunts one question. "Do the winners of the public hunts qualify for the championship?" the answer is absolutely! Why wouldn't it? Anyone that plays the game and is in contendership for the championship will be invited. That simple folks, teams come from any direction.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Mad, Mad, Mad Race!
This September we will be holding a special game where groups of four will participate in a mad cap race all around the North Shore/Boston. It will consist of many new challenges, many new games within, and a portion of the registration will be going to a particular orgaization. We are in discussions with these oranization(s) but in the end it will be going to cancer we just don't know which group as of yet. We will let you know the moment that becomes offical. So if you want to partake in this fun future event early registration starts in August . More information in specifics, registration, details, etc will be arriving soon.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Give what the people want, don't give them a stale game...

After looking into some other games around the country I came to one conclusion on some of them, but not all of them are "stale". What do I mean as to "stale" is pretty much what I like to call a "blue print" game that gets used over and over and over again. I really think that does not make your game original one bit, it's just a "cookie cut" type of game. You want to be original, exciting, hip, challengeing, funny, cool,and leave the game totally satisfied, if the game is not everybody loses. I see other games that use those words and I would even want to play their games because they look like a lot of fun, and I think it's safe to say we at Cashunt also uses those words. In the end it's about the client and the product meshing, and once they do, your game has done it's homework.

When we first met these two teams Team Lee Roy and The Bride and her Biddies we knew these girls were out to win! Both these teams were so competitive that they almost aced the CASHUNT which has never happened in the history of this game. Also they both set new high scores for the season b&hb had a score of 11,175 and team lee roy came in with 11,750 which set a new high score for the season and top seed for the championship. This game was a "nail biter" to the end and that is the esscence of what a CASHUNT is all about. Cheers!