Sunday, May 13, 2007

Howdy Cashunters!!!! Pretty exciting 2007 so far and we just started the season. Today's Blog is basically about calls we are getting a couple of times a month about people wanting to be facilitators. This is something that we have talked about in the past, we were just waiting to see how much of a response we would have, needless to say the response has been pretty good. If you would like to be a facilitator or franchisee of Cashunt, obviously you would be fully exclusive to perform this game in your state. It is by far a fun and interesting business to be a part of and it can be profitable, which is even better. If you are serious about one or the other, gives us a call and we will discuss all the details and in turn we will interview you just to see if you are the right person for your state, it's a reputation thing for us and for you. So if you are interested call us toll free at 866-2-SOIREE and also visit cashunt's website at . Talk to you soon!!