Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Phase 2" update..

So as we are at the half way point of our 13th season a lot has happened in the last 2 months! We went ahead with our "Phase 2" project of adding 3 new Cashunt cities that will offer regular everyday games (charleston sc, chicago, and philadelphia) The response has been great and multiple games have been conducted in the new branch cities already!  Also we now offer 2 new Boston related games The Boston Park Dash ( for field trips/families) and the Havahad Sq Hustle a game that takes place all around the Harvard Sq area. The funny thing with those two new Boston locations is that we never noticed the potential of both those areas and they are making for exciting fun new Boston "game boards " So with that said a lot of cool things so far and as we place the pieces of our "Phase 3" project this fall.. all I can say is....a part of it is going to come from way out of left field, but we have to remain hush on that until that happens ;) This year's version of our game books have been our best yet, A LOT of hidden secrets are imbedded in the pages, that increases the excitement of the game when they are discovered by our players.  Also we want to thank our players for us recieveing our 3rd 5 star certificate of excellence from tripadvisor! That doesn't not happen without you! Thanks!