Monday, April 15, 2019

Understand The Gift You Have Been Given :)

I always looked at life as "I'm here and I'll take it as it goes"…and that right there was the wrong way to look at life..   In the last 10 years I realized as to how much of a gift life is and how every drop of a minute is a precious one. My goal in this post is not to sound like a "self-help" dude but make you (the reader) realize this frame of mind as I do. When that happens you will look at things completely in a different light…That I will assure you :) As we all know we are all pages in a book, a beginning and an end, what is written in those pages are all up to us.. that is something we all need to understand. Consider life as a gift, your chances of entering this world are not that great but when you start to unwrapping your gift slowly and things start to reveal. Some good some bad..but in the end we need to harness this gift and do what we love no matter what, no matter what the obstacle, and just have laser focus. By taking that approach, the hard work will eventually pay off. I always look at it this way.. whoever your higher power might be for you (woman or man)..they have given you this gift and in essence are asking you…I have given this to you now.. so, what are you going to do with it? It can be anything you heart desires from helping people, creating a new science, visiting this amazing planet and the gifts that it gives you, writing a novel, or creating something that can bring enjoyment to your community. It is endless, but it is a road that will give you a journey that you should always document and remain humble to what it has given you.  I am a type of person that when I see talent in someone I have to have them be aware of it because it needs to be addressed. I think it would be a disservice if I did not. Many do not notice their talents and that is an absolute shame. Life is not always being about seeing ourselves do good it's about all of us elevating together and reaching the next level together. With that said if you see a talent in someone (friend or relative) please make them be aware of it and not only pay attention to your own theirs as well. I know that this blog post might have nothing to do with Scavenger Hunts and what comes next, but life is not always about games :) If you are reading this and you have something you have always wanted to do..treat it as a hobby and who knows that hobby might blossom into a reality. Do not ever waste your temporary gift, because it something that should be cherished. Cheers!

Always recommend you makes your community stronger

One of the biggest problems sometimes with business owners is not recommending their competition. Now you probably just heard that and said what the heck is Chris talking about, why in the world would why want to recommend my competition. Point taken and totally respected but sometimes you need to be the better man, however though that doesn’t mean that you are going to lose your customer, it’s telling the customer that you respect their needs and there might be a nice alternative contrary to your product. The chances of you losing that customer are far less greater than you would think. The reason why is because customers love honesty and they love being respected and by doing that even though the alternative might be a better product Ville just this they will decide to go with you instead of them just because of the pure ethics of how you run your business. Sometimes joining forces with your competitors are not a bad idea as well and the reason for that is if you have a competitor of yours that you would Meyer why not try to form some sort a relationship where you can divide and conquer towards other competitors that might not be as well it would make your brain stronger as well as the other, by doing so you will form a relationship that was stronger today than it was yesterday. Not to not to mention that your marketing campaign is going to grow on both ends, for you and for your competitor and at the end of the day it’s a win-win situation. Don’t you see it time and time again where two companies merged to become one? Well why can’t that be you? Just do your due diligence and do your homework and with that take your time until you are comfortable enough to pick up that phone or send that email to your competitor and see if you’d want to work together. Not all partnerships work however you never know until you try the key thing is sit stay as a separate entity until maybe you become one. That is my thoughts on starting friendships with your competitors. Thank you for reading and please share if you like. :-)