Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Hunt Has Once Again BEGUN!

The response to this season's Cashunt games have been really well recieved and that's awesome! Like I said before expect the unexpected and we delivered. No game in a cashunt is ever the same, each one is very different from the other. So if you played cashunt before and you think you have it mastered... think again. You can never master this game because again it's never the same. The ducks will be coming soon???????

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Things will constantly be twisting....

A twist here and a twist there..now we are really giving you the ole' expect the unexpected. For the past years our Cashunts have given our players surprises along the way during the game. But now it's happening constantly throughout and it is by far very exciting! After a couple test games the response has been teriffic to the new additions to our games. So as we officially open our 8th season of Cashunt this weekend, get ready and get set for the wackiest game devised by us to date. HAHAHAHAHAHA!