Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bringin' Sororities Into The Dash!

One of the markets we tested last year and it did pretty well was the Sorority market oddly enough.  It did pretty well because for the sororities it was an ice breaker for new and continueing members.  We of course customized it to fit the organization so it would have a more personal fit to the game.  So after a few tweaks we will be presenting The Soroity Dashunt this September!  It will be introduced in two different ways one as a Sorority vs Sorority competition which we think is a perfect competition to host and our other will be a me completely customized solely to  Soroity so it could be a little educational if the client wants to take it that way.  The games as always will be conducted in Boston and bookings will begin in late August.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

We have become a Boldfacer!

Just recently we were the featured profiled on Boston's Boldfacers Online Magazine.  It was a great time and we really love the outcome how the expose came out.  Hit the link and check it out!!