Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Chicago is becoming a hot and a great location for our Cashunt games! In Chicago we are now offering 4 of our top games: The Dash, The Amazing Chicago Dashunt, Bridal Dash and our Birthday Hunts. Our games take place in most of the key areas of Chicago The Loop, Millenium Park, Navy Pier, Grant Park, and Daley Plaza just to name a few.. I Think what sets us apart from other games in the industry is that our product offers a great deal of game for a very great price and also the game doesn't always end that day...there's more to it. We used the same blueprint in Chicago that we have always used in Boston that has made Boston a top city for Cashunt with our Boston clients and we continue to use the same blueprint in New York City and Las Vegas. Our philosophy is we do not want to be everywhere in th country Bam! all at once..we like to take it one major city at a time and really focus on that city. Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities in the country and it is a honor to show it off with a Cashunt game.

One Team Breaks A Three Year Record Only For It To Be Broken Again!
Ok..ok what is going on Cashunters!! Is it something in the water or what?! We have seen teams every week for the past 9 years and all of them young or old have had a competitive edge to them...but not like Season 9! This year most of the teams playing are really pushing the envelope to secure a spot in the finals in the Fall. A month ago we had the Mamma Jammas come in and play the game and wipe out a three year record that was held by Fidelity Investments, only to be broken this past week. Chris Damianakos our head game coordinator mentioned this past week the "Perfect Persians" team came in and right before the game even started vowed to be in the top four. To his surprise not only did they get into the top four but they wiped out the Mamma Jamma's record! Damianakos said that this is what the game is all about and this year's Championship is promising to be a battle for the crown. But Cashunters we are only in June and there are another 5 months left so who knows by then who the top four will be or even if the Perfect Persians will be able to hold on to their title.

Saturday, June 6, 2009



Ok our reaction has not been that explosive as it is this year, but like I have mentioned before this is by far the best season of the last 9 years. Why you may ask? The teams have been fantastic and extremely competitive in the first quarter of this season! We have also seen the top four change completely 7 times and the Record for the highest score of all time was broken last week by the Mamma Jammas! Fidelity has owned that record for 3 years their score of 12,425 (an unbeatable score) was blown wide open by the Mamma Jammas with 12,800! With that score I think that will secure this team a position in the Championship, but then again the way this season has been going anything can happen!