Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Being selected by Virgin.com to be a Guest Blogger!

Pretty exciting news for us over here at Cashunt, we have be selected to be a guest blogger on Virgin.com!  It is a honor to be selected by such a world wide brand such as Virgin to write certain aspects of business that we would think would help and most importantly inspire members of the public.  The postings that we will write for Virgin will apear first on their site and then we will have a direct link from the Cashunt blog site to theirs.  Our first posting should be submited sometime within the week and we will give you more information as to when it's released to the public.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Gift Certificates for 2011 Games!

As always this time of year we always have great promotions when it comes to the upcoming season!  So this Holiday Season we will be offering a 10 player package Boston Mad Dash Game for any date in the upcoming year for simply $300 that is a $50 savings from the retail price of $350.  A normal ticket price for a Boston Mad Dash Scavenger Hunt competition is $35pp but with this special promotion the ticket price will be $30pp.  When you purchase your gift certificate it would be a good idea to let us know a date you have in mind especially if it is a weekend... If you don't, no worries you can let us know at a later time (we would suggest a month prior to the date your looking at)  for more information about this promotion you can speak to a game coordinator and we will give you all the details.  This promotion ends 12/31/10.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Take Home Cashunt Update

For a few years now several people from out of state asked us if we offer "take home games" for those that do not live in the Cashunt cities being Boston, Chicago and NYC.  We have thought about it over and over again and the answer is that we will be offereing a condensed version of our live game into a "take home game" that anyone can host.  There will be 2 versions of it one that will be a very general version of the game and another will be designed for certain cities around the country and some international cities such as London, Montreal, etc.  The price point has not been determined as of yet but it will be a more affordable version from our live games but again a much smaller redesigned game that will be easier to put together. Games such as the Bridal Dash, Birthday Dashunt, Haunted, Holiday Hijinks, Hide N' Seek, etc will not be converted to home games..  The Cashunt Home Game will be available starting 1st Quarter of '11.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Boston Mad Dash Deluxe & The Singles Dashunt 2011 Annoucement.

As we do every year we introduce a couple of new games for our library and retire some old ones.  There will be 5 news games that will be included in the 11th Season of Cashunt. Two that we can announce right now will be The Singles Dashunt and The Boston Mad Dash DELUXE.  The ever popular Boston Mad Dash will continue to be offered to the public, but in Deluxe it will be a much bigger game with a bigger playing field (a big chunk of Boston) new challenges and one hour longer (3hrgame).  So if you have played the original and want a new challenge I think Deluxe will be perfect.  We tested the new version out in October and the reviews have been great..so we honestly do not see anything we need to tweak on Deluxe as ready to go on 3/1/11.
   The other game we would like to announce that will be available starting 2/12/11 will be "The Singles Dashunt"  this game will be offered once a month and will be geared to singles.  We just felt with speed dating, blind dating, etc. this would be a fun and a very easier alternative to meeting new people.  By setting the tone of  fun competitions we will place our singles into teams as they will need to work together in order to come up victorious with the wacky challenges we have in store for them.  In the end they all will receive photos and videos from the event as it is customary with Cashunt and hopefully create new friendships and relationships.  As always we are trying to make an old concept new and hip again without feeling awkward and having a lot of good memories and laughs along the way.

Boston Mad Dash Deluxe will start games March 1 ,2011 Bookings (January 5, 2011)
The Singles Dash will start games February 12, 2011 and will be held on the 1st Saturday of each month at 11am.

As always with all of our Cashunt games please book your games early.. time slots get filled up really fast, and by booking last minute we are sure we will be sold out.