Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Additional Twists..

So as we approach our 12th season of Cashunt in a couple of weeks we always love to recreate ourselves this time of year just to make things always "fresher" for our upcoming players.  So what do we have in store this upcoming season will involve a few different aspects to the game in a tech level as well as a strategic level. How we are coming to approach this aspect of our games will be by us including 4 additional pages to our game books.  Now by what we have seen thus far it looks pretty cool and we also included these new aspects in "test games" this past summer to see if they indeed work and they did perfectly.  A couple of weeks ago we had a viral campaign called Operation: Lenguini that if read closely led the public to some cool promotional prizes as well as one individual scoring a pair of tickets to an upcoming bruins game in a week from now.  As always we encourage our readers to follow us on our facebook and twitter pages, at times we issue viral campaigsn that will lead the public to some cool prizes and the best thing is they are FREE.  Our mission from year to year is to continue growth as a business and as a product by giving what the public want and by leading the pack in this wacky industry.  We will be introducing a teaser photo soon on the "new look" to our "Mad Dash" very soon.  look closely :) Cheers and Happy New Year Cashunters!