Thursday, August 20, 2009

We Are About To Make Things Interesting For The Championship :)

As some of you are clearly aware the Championship is slowly approaching and we can't wait!!! But this year we might throw in a little twist.. In a couple of weeks all winning teams will be contacted in regards to a new challenge to basically boost their score and possibly enter the final four. How this is going to work is that all winning teams will be given a clue as to where a "Golden Ticket" for a 1000 points is hidden. Once that clue is given out the first team to find it and photograph themselves with it will recieve and additional 1000 points to their current score ranking. What is exciting about this is that any team can sabotage a current top 4 contender or a top 4 contender can strengthen their lead with this additional 1000 points. In the end this will turn interesting and exciting! We will provide you with further infor in the next two weeks, past players check your e-mail during the first week of September.