Monday, August 27, 2007

This past Saturday in Hatfield Massachusetts Cashunt probably had one of it's most memorable games! With 17 teams in th game and enhanced game that was completely exclusive to this town the players and cashunt blew the roof off this town! The players in Hatfield were probably the most competitive I have seen thus far this year and that made the game even that more enjoyable to watch from the outside, not to even mention the press that we got from this was unbelievable!! All in all where it was as much of a challenge designing a completely different game to what we are accustomed to, it was a phenomenal success!!! The great news is we are invited back in 2008 where we will design once again a completely different cashunt , so these players will experience new twists and turns!! To the people of the town of Hatfield A BIG THANK YOU!!!! Welcome to the cashunt family!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What's going on cashunters!!! We are simply loving this 7th season it has proven to be the best year so far and the season is not over yet!!! What we saw this season is alot of boys vs. girls games which throws a different element into cashunt especially when they involve a combo of bachelor and bachelorette parties. We are about a week away on taking bookings for Cashunt: Haunted in Salem Ma, this would make it our 7th trip into the spooky town. Haunted always to be my favorite playing field simply because there are so many different "props" in the city and the challenges escalate. Lastly the championship this year is heating up it will be played in Salem this year also, the difference it will be the new DASH! game that will debuting in 2008! Anyhow I am speed typing to give you Cashunters the latest info. The reason why rushing is because we are prepping for hatfield, ma on 8/25 that will involve practically half the town. Wish us luck!!