Friday, December 28, 2012

Cashunt Urban Race Test Run June 1, 2013

   In the past year we have been doing a variety of research on urban races that take place around the country now for the past several years.  With that research we have studied these "amazing race" style of games and seen what makes them so attractive and yet addictive to their players that makes them come back for more each and every year.  The conclusion we came back with was... just competitive fun..period.  So there really is no secret as to what makes these games so special but the one thing is evident, they are all pretty much a "cookie cut" of each other.  So here is where we come in..
    What we strive for is a couple of things that makes any Cashunt game stand out..the quality of the product , the experience, and the reward to player..those three aspects are the essential part as to what makes the experience different.  So we have come up with the blue print of our version of an urban race.. our version will have elements of the foundation of a Cashunt as well as our vision of an Urban Race.  With that said we will have a test run on June 1, 2013 in Boston and soon after it will be brought to 3 additional cities and in 2014 we will expand the playing field. 
      Cost of the game will be competetive as well as it will give much more to the players than any race out there has to date.  Yes, we will be aligning ourselves with a charity foundation that will be yet determined but that we have a passion about and their presence will be yet another important part to this project.  We are planning to be selling tickets to this event starting in February 2013.  More to follow..   Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Skylanders..WOW What A Concept!

I might be late to the party when it comes to the Skylanders party but I must say being a gamer myself….I am hooked!  I was thinking of something cool and different to buy my 6yr old and via the recommendation of my friends that our parents..they're response was …"You need to get him Skylanders!"  So I did and gave it to my son for after trying it out I'm right next to him joining in on all the fun!
  The concept of the game is a typical adventure game that involves RPG, puzzles, etc.  But what is cool is that associated with the game it self is that you need to buy toy figures that are grouped via element catagories that are playable in the Skylanders world by placing them on this glowing base.  The amazing thing about these figures is that they have a "brain" inside of them that collects everything that figure has done in the game.  So that figure's resume is contained within and can be played on your neighbor's game system.  The genius of what Activison has done is not only did they make an amazing adventure but also created another revenue stream by collecting figures associated with the game that are playable.  I could go on and on with is but truthfully you need to pick it up and sit back and enjoy!

For more information on the game go to

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Very Cool Book For Gamers!


So I was in a local bookstore this past weekend looking for some cool books to gift for some friends and I ran into this book and had to share it with you all.  Now for the most part the majority of the people that read this blog are what we would call "gamers" so I would say this book is right up your alley.  The book is called "The Games Bible" by Leigh Anderson and inside of it are hundreds of games that you can host from kids games right up to fun and funny party games.

     Now I know you might be thinking.."I've seen these types of books before and it's just a list of some basic games"..the answer to that is ..nope.   It is broken down to a variety of games outdoor, indoor, kids, adult, fun, strategic, funny, wild, name's a great reference book to some real cool ideas.  So with that said if you are a lover of games or competition which I am sure you are and you love to entertain..I suggest you buy this book, because you will come back to it time and time again.   Enjoy!

Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Expanding our wings..

Good Morning!

For the past few years we have been asked about expanding out of the New England area and approaching other markets.  The truth is we do fly out to other markets to coordinate our games for corporate clients in such cities as Chicago and New York City, but honestly we can be everywhere at the same time unless we did indeed expanded the brand to other major cities.   So after doing A LOT of homework and really understanding this concept we will start offering franchises sometime in the year of 2013.  How that will be carefully done is for us selecting the cities that we think would fit the Cashunt brand perfectly, in other words this game is not fit for everywhere.  The game needs to be in a city enviroment that really captures the area and makes it a perfect marriage for Cashunt.  We believe also that it is a great business opportunity for someone that is looking for someting different to do that is fun and exciting. Ultimately that someone needs to have some serious people skills to continue the Cashunt experience that players have come to love these past 12 seasons. It is the connection to our players and our players to our games that makes our relationship truely something special with our clients.  The official announcement will be made soon..for more information feel free and give us a call.

Have a great day!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The story about our home games...

What's this whole thing about our new "home game" venture you may ask? Well the reason for it is quite simple..we can't be everywhere as much as we would like too (more to come on that ;) )so we decided to do something about it. What we did is we created a select amount games that were amongst the top cities that get requested for a Cashunt all the time (Philadelphia, Miami, Brooklyn, Hollywood and Washington DC) so until we offer games in those areas we decided to offer home versions of our games. Now obviously the home versions will be a scaled down versions of the typical live experience that most are used to, but they are very easy to host and are well constructed and customized for your event. In other words we have done all the work all you need to do is enjoy it and play! Also this week we have included 3 new home games that can be played anywhere (The Tween Dash, New Years Race, and The Turkey Dash) To take a peak at these new games just click the link..

Have a great one!

Monday, October 1, 2012

This month we go "Pink"


    I want to believe that we are put on this planet to good and help people along the way.  I think that is a rule that we all should follow in our daily it family, friends, or the person in passing that would need our help.  When that opportunity of helping  approaches I believe we should act on it and not walk by it pretending it doesn't exist.  So when we really wanted to reach out and give back it was really hard because there are so many great causes that needed help..but we chose one that had really effected us in many ways and hit us the hardest.
    We chose the Susan G Komen For The Cure Massachusetts, because the awful disease of cancer is becoming more common everyday and can not be ignored.  I personally have witnessed this disease first handed with people that I know and love dearly in many of it's forms and it is something I would want no person to go through.    I have seen many fights won and several that were lost...each one being a scar that really never leaves you.  The most common of these cancers is that of breast cancer, it is a very common version of this disease and effects many many women every year.  Each year I believe that with the study of medicine and technology that hopefully in our lifetime we do see an end to this awful disease.  The Susan G Komen For The Cure is one of the leading organizations that continues to bring their fight to the forefront as they make strides on finding a cure.  With that said after much research we decided this is where we would want to give back.
     For the month of October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month we at Cashunt will be going "Pink" by offering a game called "The Pink Dash".  This Cashunt version will be in the foundation of what a Cashunt usually is a 2hr Zany, Fun, and competitive Urban Scavenger Hunt Competition we have held in Boston for past 12 seasons.  This version has been customized with Breast Cancer Awareness in Mind and a portion of each ticket price will go to The Susan G Komen For The Cure Massachusetts.  We figured why not play a fun game and create great memories and in the same time giving back to this great cause..
                      If you like to more information on our special game "The Pink Dash"
                                                                      Click Here
                        or to make a direct donation to the Susan G Komen for The Cure

                                        Thanks Cashunters and Have A Great October!!!
                                               Game Coordinator - Chris Damianakos

Monday, September 17, 2012

Cashunt Urban Race 2013 Some Details...

Happy Fall!

       We know it's been a long time since we have last posted, with that said we would like to post when we think that there is something you should know about.  That time has come.  In 2013 we will be throwing our hat into to "Urban Race" ring, and compete with other companies within the country with our own version of an urban race.  After studying the competition we think that by us adding some elements of a "Cashunt" into our version it will make our version of the race even more exciting to the other races that are being offered today.  
       As always it is always about the "product" and we think the product will be revealing in 2013 will that much interesting, competitive, fun, and different.  The game will be in an "Amazing Race" style of a foundation and will be played in teams of 2 or 3.  We will have early registration for a discounted entry fee and we will be partnering with a few companies that will be part of the experience .  This will be a  4 city tour, (cities will not be mentioned until the beginning of the year, as we are in the process of researching some desired areas.)  The other thing we do know the games will take place in the Spring.  
       We have been wanting to do this for some time now, but we definitely did not want to rush into this arena until we had a great product that we would know everybody would enjoy.  The end result is for people to enjoy the ultimate experience that will be great for everybody and will be memorable from beginning to end.  This will be a very cool event and we will have more information in the upcoming months.
       As far as season 12 of Cashunt has been a great season once again!  Our new games that we introduced this year that have been well received and our updated versions of our more popular games have been well received also.  We have seen many returning faces as well as many new ones come in for the challenge and that competitive energy has been fantastic to witness!  We have a few more months to go for Season 12, other than our staple games, we have the upcoming Haunted Series in Salem in October that is all Sold Out as well as other seasonal games such as the Turkey Dash on Thanksgiving weekend and Holiday Hijinks all month in December.  
  So there a lot more games to be played..we will talk to you soon and we will see you on the game board.

The Cashunt Team

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Patriot Dash...

Just recently we were asked to design a game for a former client in a different location. When we asked where that would be.... they told us Gillette Stadium.  At first we thought how can we design a game in that small location where we are used to designing games in more of a city landscape. Ultimately we agreed and were up for the challenge.   I personally have not been to Gillette stadium to see the addition of Patriot Place, but when we arrived to scout the location I was pleasantly surprised as to what was all around us.  It has everything we could imagine...detail, history, a nature trail, even a cranberry bog that you would have never thought was ever a part of this place.  So after a few visits and really enjoying the location especially The Patriots Hall of Fame (which I highly reccomend) it was pretty inspiring to become creative and yet give our players another twist in the game of Cashunt. So with that said we created a game that will be open for bookings starting May 21 and run through November 1st.  The plan is that the game will be offered on NON home game events / concerts, also we are working to see if we can include tickets to Hall of Fame for our players on the time of their Dash.  Our mission is to give our clients different experiences in different areas and  we think that this location can offer that. If you like to inquire about this particular game you can speak to a game coordinator to get all the details.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

The personality of a "brand"

The key to business is quite frankly personality, without personality your business or your brand becomes dull to the public that you are trying to attract.
Your brand has to be creative and if anything should have a story behind it. When you have a unique brand name it has to have some sort of connection to the service or the product that you are selling. There are people that are intrigued by the origin of certain businesses and how they got their name. If you are a start up business, this is a fantastic reference tool.
You need ultimately to be in the public mindset, like I've always said nobody talks about "boring" they talk about cool and different. Joe's donuts, fantasy nails, and seashore computers just don't cut it. Take your time with it, there's no need to rush. Remember it has to have some sort of connection to you and the product or service that you are selling, selecting the wrong name can always be very expensive.
Another thing that you have to consider is that other than the name of the brand and the personality behind it, you the business owner need to be part of that personality as well.
There has to be an ultimate connection between your business and yourself in other words, you need to be the brand. Think of people like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and Michael Dell. When you think of them you think of Apple, Virgin, and Dell. That right there are examples of the connection you need to have along with your brand.
The bottom line.... be patient, brainstorm, relate, and become your brand.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Moment Is Now To Start Your New Direction..

There is nothing more exciting when I see creativity being used every day now by new businesses that really want to push the envelope. The days of the typical 9 to 5 in typical occupations are  starting to lose their attraction and people are starting to look another way. They're taking their strengths and their passions and really making something out of it, which at the end of the day is inspiring and also gratifying.

 The great thing is people are really starting to pay attention to their talents and that is really important.  You are hear or read about it everyday.   Now in 2012 even after  coming off of one of the worst economic crisis in this country's history, people are starting to embrace a different direction and are bringing in a new aspect of their lives. In other words, if they can not find a job..they will create one and that right there  folks is called "drive" Something that we all have if we utilize it correctly.

 One thing that I've always believed is not to be boring personally and professionally, quite simply said boring is not being talked about. When you see people that are going to be new entrepreneurs and trying to embrace that different direction they are also learning not to be boring.  This brings in a newfound excitement and is making word "work" exciting again. This road taken is important in many aspects mentally and physically and is ultimately "healthy"to one's future... again if done right.  How we perceive ourselves to the public is a craft in itself, sometimes to be "unpopular is popular".  That might not make sense at this moment but it will in the other words do not be a trend.

    If you study your new endeavor correctly and plan it out right you will succeed.  Now in 2012 you have SO many tools to get the word out, that it is going to cost you much less today than say ten years ago.  So to those of you out there that are looking for that new direction, I say to you be smart, don't listen to critics, and give it a go!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Our annual family "Bunny Dashes" will be taking place on 4/7 & 4/8. These games have always been a fun family experience during the easter holiday. Last day for reservations is this Thursday.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Due to the popularity of our College Orientation games last August we are offering them again from 8/19 thru 8/31. So if you an administrator and are looking for your new students to be exposed to the city of Boston another way..we are the alternative ;)

Monday, March 12, 2012

The URL for Cashunt's Fan Page is Become a Fan today for some cool promotions!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

We Would Like To Send Congrats To Our Client "Team Allegro" for Capturing the Silver Medal at The U.S. Synchronized Figure Skating National Championship Over The Weekend!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Keep On Playing Way After Your Game To Some Cool Prizes!

What we strive to do is always push the envelope and be the best product in our industry, and what we are about to do is no different.  As some of you know twice a year we have "Flash Public Hunts" that are open to the general public that can win some cool prizes (Hard Rock Cafe Gift Certificates right to Celtics Tickets)  the result of these public hunts are fantastic..but this time we are changing the way we present these "Flash Public Games".
          This time around anyone that has played any of our Cashunt Games from this season and on will have an advantage to these cool prizes.  So after your game (KEEP YOUR GAME BOOK!!) because that book will be the key to these cool prizes.  As of now these Flash Public Games will only be open to all of our players and no longer open to the general public.  Your gamebooks will have hidden clues within it that will lead you to the location of these cool hidden prizes.  You might look at your gamebook right now and go through every page and not see one, that's ok because you won't... until we activate it during the public promotion, the book that you currently hold in your hands instantly changes into something else!
          This is a brilliant twist that will keep all our players still involved in the game even way after they have played their own competition.  It's our way to say thank you to all of our players past, present and future and keep still keep you in on the fun.  In order to be a part of the special games you must be a fan of our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter..   Once you see the clue go right to your books and start playing and who knows the next thing you know you might be watching a cool sporting event or have a nice dinner...on us.

Best of luck!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Get your QR readers out Cashunters! This year hidden in our game books is a new bonus round called Point Sprint! Look for it!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The "ART" of the Dash!

Every once in a while we try to think of something different and try to reinvent ourselves each year to bring something new to the public and to our players.  With that said last year we were doing the typical updating of our current games for the upcoming season, until suddenly we stumbled onto something... We noticed all this outdoor artwork commissioned by city of Boston that is  spread out all around the city.   We believe that all this artwork that has been around for years as well as the new pieces that have been popping around the city have gone unnoticed,  so I thought we can change that.  

   By installing the foundation of our game combined we these cool, classic, and contemporary pieces, we have created yet another fun Boston experience, which we are calling "The Art Dash"    This game will take players to all these cool locations as well as competing against other teams doing fun and competitive challenges along the way.  One of the cool things, such is the case with all of our games is that all the players will recieve all the photos and videos for from the experience for FREE, which is always a great souvenir from the event as well as great conversational pieces.

        The game will take  place in such areas as Faneuil Hall, The North End, Back Bay, South Boston, and everything in between.  The Art Dash will be at tad longer than a typical Cashunt game, that way people can really enjoy the game at their leisure as well as enjoying the locations that they will be introduced to.   The Art Dash will also be one of the Season 12 games that will include Apple ITouches on each team, that way it makes the game more interactive and exciting.   This game is designed for out of state players as well as New England players that want to see the city in a different way. The game will be introduced in May and will go through late Fall of 2012.  Bookings will start as of April 2, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A New "Touch" To Some Cashunt Games!

Hello Cashunters hope all is well with you!  So as many of you know that each year we try to recreate ourselves, to bring you the latest in the games we offer and this year will be no different.  This season we have created new booklets that will bring some mystery in the additional pages that  we have added in as well as the website that compliments them.  But what we are excited about most is that we will be replacing the digital cameras that are currently used in some of our games with the ipod touch.   This change will open  a bunch of new areas that the teams have not experienced before.  We can't explain what those new experiences are because we would be giving some of our secrets out.  What we can guarantee is that it will make the game even more interesting, fun and competitive than it has ever been.  Some of our games in our library will include this new technology by early 2012 and all of our games (except our field trip games) will have it by Fall 2012.  Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The DASHRUN Returns This Summer!

This summer we will be bringing out of retirement one of the games that started the whole thing for Cashunt.  Starting in July we will be offering The DashRun.. The DashRun was the first game we ever offered when we were starting out 12 years ago.  The DashRun will start off from Salem, Ma and end off in Boston, and everything in between will be in play!   We dusted off the old blueprint of this multi-city competition and tweaked it  to fit more of a 2012 setting, where the challenges are new and fun.  The DashRun will be a 4 hour game that will only be conducted on Sundays from June all the way to September.  As always all media from the event will be free to our clients 24hrs after the event. For more information about the game feel free and call our office. (Monday Thru Friday 10am to 5pm) Bookings will start in May..