Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Philadelphia & Washington Logos Released!

We have released our New Logos for the 11th Season Of Cashunt.  The logos are for our NEW "Mad Dash" Games for Philadelphia and Washington DC that will start taking place Spring 2011.  The Philadelphia and Washington Dashes will be for only Teambuilding events as well as monthly public games.  More information as we get closer to the new year.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Boston Globe Article Is a Bit Misleading...

So I had got word that an article we did with the Boston Globe a few weeks ago would be out today at the news stands and we must say we were very excited when found out.  Front page lead ...WOW! Cover Story.....WOW! Two Page Spread ...DOUBLE WOW!!.  Then I read it....  I must say the article is very well written and the subject is targeting Bachlorette Scavenger Hunts.  How this article was written is that the reporter went onto two bridal scavenger hunts, those being our game "The Bridal Dash" and our competitior's version of a bachlorette scavenger hunt(which we were fully aware of).  Where the problem falls is that a good portion of the article details more risque portions of the other hunt which is more Adult in nature and in turn makes our "family friendly/clean game" seem just as dirty.. With no mention of our game being clean, which bothers us a bit because we find it misleading and we work so hard to successfully get that message out for 10 years now.  The shocking part of this whole thing is our voicemail at the office has past clients calling us and see if we read the article and they were concerned. That is pretty awesome to hear, that you guys would care so much.  But yes we were fully aware that this article was coming out, and we did contact the reporter to see if she could correct it in a future issue.  It's clearly a mistake and there is no blame to anyone.  It just I wanted to write this to ensure that Cashunt has NOT taken a turn to more risque games, we always have been and always will be a fun, funny, competitive , family friendly game :)

Chris Damianakos
Head Game Coordinator