Monday, November 25, 2013

Additional games for other Cashunt sister cities?

Good morning Cashunters! One of the big questions that we are being asked for our other Cashunt cities is if we will be introducing additional "themed" games in Philadelphia,Charleston,and Chicago.  Games such as Holiday Hijinks, Gold Rush, and others have been played in Boston for many seasons and we think they would make great additions to our sister cities but we don't see that happening until Season 15 (2015)  The simple answer is because we want our sister cities to establish the current games they currently host and slowly introduce a new game each season.  We want the growth pattern to be similar to Boston..that way it's not overwhelming to the client.  So as of now each city has great anchor games that are working very well and that is very exciting and we will add more when the time is right.  Have a great Thanksgiving everybody!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Inspirations of S.

So here I am at the tail end of finishing a book called S. Written by JJ Abrams and all I can say is...WOW! The book has only been out for a month and has been the most talked about book lately...  S. is an experience other than just simply reading a book, which is great because it's rare nowadays .The design and the construction of the book with actual "physical props" imbedded within the pages makes the book a bit more personal and fun to read. I can't say too much about about S. because I don't want to spoil anything..but if you appreciate a great design in storytelling this is it! NOTE: do not buy the tablet version of this does not need to buy the physical version.  


Monday, November 18, 2013

Becoming MORE Interactive in Season 14

Season 14 Update

   The best thing that makes our work exciting is giving the players something new.. and it always becomes a reinvention of the product at some scale every year.  So as we enter our upcoming 14th Season we are placing together something that I believe will be our best version yet!
   Some of you that have played our games already know that we always have something "tucked" away in the pages of our game booklets that will lead to new challenges.  This gives the players the surprise element of these new secret challenges ..that could range from a singing competition to retrieving additional hidden items around the city.  So the game books NEVER become predictable even to those "veterans" that have played our games several times before.  So as the saying goes expect the unexpected!
   With that said we are making the games even more interactive where technology will play an essential part of the Cashunt game experience during their competition.  By doing this we are giving the players the fun and comedy that is found in a typical Cashunt, and having them use creative teamwork tools in order to claim victory.  It will not only be the game materials that are provided during their game, it will also involve the internet and their cell phones in a more expanded sense .
    We obviously do not want to spoil the secrets of the game..because obviously that will create a "buzzkill" playing the game..but the exciting part is discovering them.  These new versions of the games will start at the beginning of Season 14 which kicks off on Jan 7th.  We are sooooo close finishing the final product...and are very excited for next year.  Beta games will be included in this December's Mad Dash games.  The Season 14 game materials will be shown in December as well!  We always strive to be the best Premium Urban Game Experience every year and I believe we have done it again...see you on the game board!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Cashunt & Television Reality Competition Show

These are some exciting times for our product and our games as of late.. With the exciting news of expansion this season and keeping a new phase of growth for 2014..we are now eyeing television.  This past Spring we were approached by Fremantlemedia North America responsible for shows like American Idol, America's Got Talent, XFactor, and the list goes on and on...To develop the Bridal Dash for a competetive reality show to be shown in the 2014/2015 season.   
    After a few months of working on this the project fell through. With that said when one of the biggest production companies in the world  comes to take notice. At the end of the day you don't leave the ball on the take it and run!  So as we speak we are in development for a "format reality competition" to pitch it for LA.  I believe what we have in store will be a fun, and funny competetive series that will have flavors of our product and some new flavors that we will keep mum on...
    You never know what tomorrow brings and you never know what will drop out of the sky....just keep smiling.