Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Expanding our wings..

Good Morning!

For the past few years we have been asked about expanding out of the New England area and approaching other markets.  The truth is we do fly out to other markets to coordinate our games for corporate clients in such cities as Chicago and New York City, but honestly we can be everywhere at the same time unless we did indeed expanded the brand to other major cities.   So after doing A LOT of homework and really understanding this concept we will start offering franchises sometime in the year of 2013.  How that will be carefully done is for us selecting the cities that we think would fit the Cashunt brand perfectly, in other words this game is not fit for everywhere.  The game needs to be in a city enviroment that really captures the area and makes it a perfect marriage for Cashunt.  We believe also that it is a great business opportunity for someone that is looking for someting different to do that is fun and exciting. Ultimately that someone needs to have some serious people skills to continue the Cashunt experience that players have come to love these past 12 seasons. It is the connection to our players and our players to our games that makes our relationship truely something special with our clients.  The official announcement will be made soon..for more information feel free and give us a call.

Have a great day!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The story about our home games...

What's this whole thing about our new "home game" venture you may ask? Well the reason for it is quite simple..we can't be everywhere as much as we would like too (more to come on that ;) )so we decided to do something about it. What we did is we created a select amount games that were amongst the top cities that get requested for a Cashunt all the time (Philadelphia, Miami, Brooklyn, Hollywood and Washington DC) so until we offer games in those areas we decided to offer home versions of our games. Now obviously the home versions will be a scaled down versions of the typical live experience that most are used to, but they are very easy to host and are well constructed and customized for your event. In other words we have done all the work all you need to do is enjoy it and play! Also this week we have included 3 new home games that can be played anywhere (The Tween Dash, New Years Race, and The Turkey Dash) To take a peak at these new games just click the link..

Have a great one!