Friday, December 28, 2012

Cashunt Urban Race Test Run June 1, 2013

   In the past year we have been doing a variety of research on urban races that take place around the country now for the past several years.  With that research we have studied these "amazing race" style of games and seen what makes them so attractive and yet addictive to their players that makes them come back for more each and every year.  The conclusion we came back with was... just competitive fun..period.  So there really is no secret as to what makes these games so special but the one thing is evident, they are all pretty much a "cookie cut" of each other.  So here is where we come in..
    What we strive for is a couple of things that makes any Cashunt game stand out..the quality of the product , the experience, and the reward to player..those three aspects are the essential part as to what makes the experience different.  So we have come up with the blue print of our version of an urban race.. our version will have elements of the foundation of a Cashunt as well as our vision of an Urban Race.  With that said we will have a test run on June 1, 2013 in Boston and soon after it will be brought to 3 additional cities and in 2014 we will expand the playing field. 
      Cost of the game will be competetive as well as it will give much more to the players than any race out there has to date.  Yes, we will be aligning ourselves with a charity foundation that will be yet determined but that we have a passion about and their presence will be yet another important part to this project.  We are planning to be selling tickets to this event starting in February 2013.  More to follow..   Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Skylanders..WOW What A Concept!

I might be late to the party when it comes to the Skylanders party but I must say being a gamer myself….I am hooked!  I was thinking of something cool and different to buy my 6yr old and via the recommendation of my friends that our parents..they're response was …"You need to get him Skylanders!"  So I did and gave it to my son for after trying it out I'm right next to him joining in on all the fun!
  The concept of the game is a typical adventure game that involves RPG, puzzles, etc.  But what is cool is that associated with the game it self is that you need to buy toy figures that are grouped via element catagories that are playable in the Skylanders world by placing them on this glowing base.  The amazing thing about these figures is that they have a "brain" inside of them that collects everything that figure has done in the game.  So that figure's resume is contained within and can be played on your neighbor's game system.  The genius of what Activison has done is not only did they make an amazing adventure but also created another revenue stream by collecting figures associated with the game that are playable.  I could go on and on with is but truthfully you need to pick it up and sit back and enjoy!

For more information on the game go to

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Very Cool Book For Gamers!


So I was in a local bookstore this past weekend looking for some cool books to gift for some friends and I ran into this book and had to share it with you all.  Now for the most part the majority of the people that read this blog are what we would call "gamers" so I would say this book is right up your alley.  The book is called "The Games Bible" by Leigh Anderson and inside of it are hundreds of games that you can host from kids games right up to fun and funny party games.

     Now I know you might be thinking.."I've seen these types of books before and it's just a list of some basic games"..the answer to that is ..nope.   It is broken down to a variety of games outdoor, indoor, kids, adult, fun, strategic, funny, wild, name's a great reference book to some real cool ideas.  So with that said if you are a lover of games or competition which I am sure you are and you love to entertain..I suggest you buy this book, because you will come back to it time and time again.   Enjoy!

Happy Holidays!!