Sunday, December 30, 2007


One Last Thing I forgot to mentioned and was reminded. As of this past year we are offering educated games along the freedom trail and historic Boston to schools. We started in early 2007 and it was a hit for everyone that has played. Our games are educational, competitive and fun and is a great experience for the children and the chaperons alike. This game is for the middle school level and up and is mostly for history field trips, my can be used as just a pure educational event. If you want more info call us toll free at 866-276-4733 and hit Kid Dash. Just wanted to five you a FYI because a lot of people have been asking these past few months.

Man, are we psyched about the upcoming cashunt season! This Season 8 and do we have a great season for you! All our games have been revamped for the season giving you even more twists and turns along the way. Also the introduction of our new game "THE DASH" which promises everything and then some! Also under wraps there will be 2 new Games available this February so stay tuned! As always if you are going to book a game especially on a weekend please book early because they do go fast since they are popular days and nights that people look for. Anyhow Happy New Year stay safe and best wishes and health to you and yours!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Are you as a couple competitive with other couples that you know? We if so do we have the game for you! In “The Amazing Couples Dash” We pit your group of couples against each other in this competitive customized scavenger hunt. Do you know your other couples well? Well you are going to have to as your teams are involved in a 5 part game that involves, a 100 item scavenger hunt, a treasure hunt, a bonus point couple hunt, trivia about the couples and more! So if you and your group want to have a great time laughing, competing, and having great memories this is a great alternative to the typical. May The Best Couple Win!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Hey brides listen up, just got some great news in regards to some savings for your wedding! Until November 25th who ever books a Bridal Dash Scavenger Hunt will also receive 30% off of anything on!!! That means shoes, guestbooks, gifts etc.!!! This a great partnership we have with soiree and we know you will love the savings too!

Friday, September 14, 2007

How's it going guys!! First of all I just want to say a big thank you when it came with our charity game promotion with ebay. A big thank you to all that purchased the halloween game, just know as you are playing the game that you are making someone else very happy for helping them out. Another one of these charity game promotion will be happening again just like every year this new years eve. We will have a 7 day event with the proceeds going to another charity with the purchases of the New Years Dash game keep your eyes out! Got some exciting news again with our annual gift certificate hunt game that is free to the public. Keep checking for more info!

Saturday, September 8, 2007


How's it going out there guys!! I hope you all are having a great weekend:) The reason for this blog is to inform you guys that through Ebay & Soiree Boutique we are selling the take home version of CASHUNT: HAUNTED for $19.99 with 50% of the sale going to cancer. We do this twice a year and this past spring it worked so well that are doing it again. This is the perfect combo in playing a great game that has been designed and ready to be played, all you have to do is host it and helping getting rid of this horrible thing known as cancer. for more info please hit this link click here to link to the ebay/cashunt site
We thank you and having fun playing the game!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Howdy Cashunters and Happy Labor Day!!!! Just a few thoughts as to Cashunt as we get ready to prepare for the Championship in November....November did I say we all thought it was in October?!!!? We yes that was the original plan but being that we are pretty much busy until the end of October with Salem, now being in the mix, I want everyone to have a chance at being chosen for the final four. The great thing that is going to happen in the championship is that it will be the new DASH game that will be launched in 2008!!! So those who will be invited for the championship will be the first to play DASH!!! Those invites will go out right prior to Halloween. Now for those interested in being in the Cashunt Family out side of Massachusetts it is pretty simple, contact us and let us see what we can do by bring Cashunt to your city, it is not a bad side job, give us a ring.. Lastly I am going to post the picture of that incredible Hatfield game that happened last week. Till next time..

Monday, August 27, 2007

This past Saturday in Hatfield Massachusetts Cashunt probably had one of it's most memorable games! With 17 teams in th game and enhanced game that was completely exclusive to this town the players and cashunt blew the roof off this town! The players in Hatfield were probably the most competitive I have seen thus far this year and that made the game even that more enjoyable to watch from the outside, not to even mention the press that we got from this was unbelievable!! All in all where it was as much of a challenge designing a completely different game to what we are accustomed to, it was a phenomenal success!!! The great news is we are invited back in 2008 where we will design once again a completely different cashunt , so these players will experience new twists and turns!! To the people of the town of Hatfield A BIG THANK YOU!!!! Welcome to the cashunt family!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What's going on cashunters!!! We are simply loving this 7th season it has proven to be the best year so far and the season is not over yet!!! What we saw this season is alot of boys vs. girls games which throws a different element into cashunt especially when they involve a combo of bachelor and bachelorette parties. We are about a week away on taking bookings for Cashunt: Haunted in Salem Ma, this would make it our 7th trip into the spooky town. Haunted always to be my favorite playing field simply because there are so many different "props" in the city and the challenges escalate. Lastly the championship this year is heating up it will be played in Salem this year also, the difference it will be the new DASH! game that will debuting in 2008! Anyhow I am speed typing to give you Cashunters the latest info. The reason why rushing is because we are prepping for hatfield, ma on 8/25 that will involve practically half the town. Wish us luck!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Howdy Cashunters!!!! Pretty exciting 2007 so far and we just started the season. Today's Blog is basically about calls we are getting a couple of times a month about people wanting to be facilitators. This is something that we have talked about in the past, we were just waiting to see how much of a response we would have, needless to say the response has been pretty good. If you would like to be a facilitator or franchisee of Cashunt, obviously you would be fully exclusive to perform this game in your state. It is by far a fun and interesting business to be a part of and it can be profitable, which is even better. If you are serious about one or the other, gives us a call and we will discuss all the details and in turn we will interview you just to see if you are the right person for your state, it's a reputation thing for us and for you. So if you are interested call us toll free at 866-2-SOIREE and also visit cashunt's website at . Talk to you soon!!