Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Hustle vs The Dash!

As we are slowly closing the book to our 13th chapter of our game we are already preparing for our 14th Season of our games. One of the biggest changes is with our "Mad Dash" series in Boston, Back Bay, and Salem. As of next season all general games in Boston, Back Bay and Salem will be still called with the Mad Dash label following them.  But all corporate related games will now be part of the new "Hustle" (The Boston Hustle, The Backbay Hustle, and The Salem Hustle) The difference between the Dashes and the Hustles will be huge! The Mad Dash series game will give players the more general foundation of the game with a surprise here and there during their 2hr experience. The Hustle series for corporate events/games will add many more secrets / cryptic challenges that will give players and more diverse and competitive experience of the game. Them Hustle series will be available starting Jan 10th just in time for Season 14!