Monday, April 3, 2006

I know it been some time now since my last post, but we were in the prep position for the new season! Well first I want to thank everyone who was involved in the Cashunt "Money Hunt" this past March it was really a wacky and fun promotion! We thought how fun would it be for the general public to be involved in a Cashunt and really not even know it. We are probably setting out sites on another big promo in the Fall but the location and time will probably be annouced sometime in late summer. Cashunt season official began it's 7th year on March 30th and so far the we are booked pretty well. Our new games have already got the attention via the public via Cashunt:Uncensored, so that always pleases us when we do see that. Our parent company Soiree will be doing a cashunt give away in the spring for their customers. Look out for that by logging on to Right now guys I gotta go, but I promise I won't be gone for that long.