Friday, September 29, 2017

Tips On Creating Your Own Scavenger Hunt

What is it that you do again?

Monday, September 11, 2017

step by step by step..we approach beautiful lands

    As some of you that have been following us for the past 17 years as a business you may know we are very strategic and if so picky as to where and when the next Cashunt location may be.  I really do not believe that more and more is great...because at times it stains itself.  I have always loved the independent rebel spirit of business and sometime less and more effective is indeed more.  A lot has come across the table as of recently, however I don't accept anything until we feel that we are ready...which brings me to the next step..brining this international.
      The only thing I can reveal is that we have been to bring the Cashunt experience to their area..and after researching the "bleep" out of this particular location I think we are ready to make that move by 2018.  When it comes to this game of entrepreneurship I have been in it for a long time way before it became a "sexy" term..but the best way to get ahead is by playing the role out the tortoise rather than the hare.   With that said, after we perfect the design and execution of this particular location / game we will announce it...the only hint I can give you's a beautiful location ;)