Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Patriot Dash...

Just recently we were asked to design a game for a former client in a different location. When we asked where that would be.... they told us Gillette Stadium.  At first we thought how can we design a game in that small location where we are used to designing games in more of a city landscape. Ultimately we agreed and were up for the challenge.   I personally have not been to Gillette stadium to see the addition of Patriot Place, but when we arrived to scout the location I was pleasantly surprised as to what was all around us.  It has everything we could imagine...detail, history, a nature trail, even a cranberry bog that you would have never thought was ever a part of this place.  So after a few visits and really enjoying the location especially The Patriots Hall of Fame (which I highly reccomend) it was pretty inspiring to become creative and yet give our players another twist in the game of Cashunt. So with that said we created a game that will be open for bookings starting May 21 and run through November 1st.  The plan is that the game will be offered on NON home game events / concerts, also we are working to see if we can include tickets to Hall of Fame for our players on the time of their Dash.  Our mission is to give our clients different experiences in different areas and  we think that this location can offer that. If you like to inquire about this particular game you can speak to a game coordinator to get all the details.

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