Monday, October 1, 2012

This month we go "Pink"


    I want to believe that we are put on this planet to good and help people along the way.  I think that is a rule that we all should follow in our daily it family, friends, or the person in passing that would need our help.  When that opportunity of helping  approaches I believe we should act on it and not walk by it pretending it doesn't exist.  So when we really wanted to reach out and give back it was really hard because there are so many great causes that needed help..but we chose one that had really effected us in many ways and hit us the hardest.
    We chose the Susan G Komen For The Cure Massachusetts, because the awful disease of cancer is becoming more common everyday and can not be ignored.  I personally have witnessed this disease first handed with people that I know and love dearly in many of it's forms and it is something I would want no person to go through.    I have seen many fights won and several that were lost...each one being a scar that really never leaves you.  The most common of these cancers is that of breast cancer, it is a very common version of this disease and effects many many women every year.  Each year I believe that with the study of medicine and technology that hopefully in our lifetime we do see an end to this awful disease.  The Susan G Komen For The Cure is one of the leading organizations that continues to bring their fight to the forefront as they make strides on finding a cure.  With that said after much research we decided this is where we would want to give back.
     For the month of October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month we at Cashunt will be going "Pink" by offering a game called "The Pink Dash".  This Cashunt version will be in the foundation of what a Cashunt usually is a 2hr Zany, Fun, and competitive Urban Scavenger Hunt Competition we have held in Boston for past 12 seasons.  This version has been customized with Breast Cancer Awareness in Mind and a portion of each ticket price will go to The Susan G Komen For The Cure Massachusetts.  We figured why not play a fun game and create great memories and in the same time giving back to this great cause..
                      If you like to more information on our special game "The Pink Dash"
                                                                      Click Here
                        or to make a direct donation to the Susan G Komen for The Cure

                                        Thanks Cashunters and Have A Great October!!!
                                               Game Coordinator - Chris Damianakos