Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Special one time games for Moms and Dads!

We figured we would add two new seasonal games to our library this year and those games are geared specifically for Mother's and Father's Day.  We would see in the past years how families wanted to get together on those holidays to play the Boston Mad Dash.  So we figured why not create two games for families for those two specific days.  So we went and created "The MomdasH" and "The DadasH", these two games are completely designed towards the guest of honor.  With these games clients can submit certain information about either their mom or dad and we create a game around them.  The games were announced last week and already our MomdasH for mother's day on May 7th is Sold Out! For more information on these two games and availability give us a call!

Some changes to the championship this year..

One of the most viewed pages on our website is the championship page.  This is where cashunt teams can view where they rank with all the other teams for a possible shot to our annual championship.  What we have always listed were the top 100 teams of the year but we are going to cut it to the top 50, this is simply because of the page load time.  The other thing we are changing is the championship date itself, we would always host the championship game the following year in the month of April.  This was due because the season always ends in the winter and you can't expect to play a championship in the snow :) So as of this season all Championship games will be hosted in the Fall in the months of either October/November, by changing the date we keep the championship in the current season.