Friday, May 17, 2013

A funny story when a bunch Cashunt student players met the Mayor and Mr Kennedy.

I had to share this story that was sent to us today.. it recalls when a Cashunt team needed to take a picture with the Mayor to obtain some points and who they had to push away in order to get it.  Thank you Sharon!


I can't thank you enough for all the tremendous outings for my students and colleagues.
Your organization and professionalism have made our scavenger hunt in Boston the most requested activity of our students and families. In the midst of all the exploration for clues and fun-filled engagement with the public my kids have learned so much about the history of Boston. My most memorable hunt was the one were the kids were in search of Mayor Menino to score big time photos. They wanted to maximize their points so they could take a detour to Mike's Pastries. On their route to the North End they stumbled across the dedication of the green space dedicated to Rose Kennedy.
As they recognized Menino, the large group of nearly ten students and their chaperones decended on the scene requesting photos. As Menino and the other dignataries step in for the photo with our kids our kids did the thing only teens could do. They asked everyone to step out of the photo, "We only need Mayor Menino for points." this was said to the mortification of the chaperones. Ted Kennedy and Dival Patrick kindly stepped out of the photo. For the kids it was about the game. -- Today that group of students are in college and I just recently overheard their discussing their naiveté at that time and but the memory of all the things they learned.
It's hard to believe we are approaching eight years of working together. I look forward to bringing more students and families your way. Thanks for great service and lasting memories.

Sharon Harris

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College & Life Skills Coaching

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

CASHUNT Charleston: My Visit

It has been a craaazzzzyy few months with our expansion of the Cashunt brand..but well worth the ride.  As you might already know we have expanded to 3 new cities (Philadelphia, Chicago, and Charleston, SC). After returning from Charleston I was really impressed with a city that I was really all not to familiar with.  There is history on every block that is really under the radar in the American history that we were taught in school. The weather, the beauty of the architecture,and  the southern hospitality of the people of Charleston we amazing...not to mention the food as well.  Last week was our first game in Charleston and the results and the reviews were fantastic! Our Charleston facilitator Brian Simms of Charleston Sole coordinated our Cashunt Charleston Mad Dash and inputed his knowledge of the Charleston area into the game  and made you view this great city in a whole different way.  So on that note if you have not visited the city of Charleston, SC make it a point to do is really a very cool experience and a really nice place to get to know. For more information about our games in the Charleston SC area just go to to and go to Cashunt Charleston.