Saturday, October 17, 2009

By Far One Of Favorite Cashunt Videos!!

This team managed to get a marching band of all things to join them in their conga!


Championship To Be Pushed To April 2010

Due to the unexpected traffic that we have this ninth season of the game, we are booked right into the 1st week of December which is uncanny. The norm usually is that the season ends in October and then we have our annual Championship in November. But with the recent press and the fantastic response to the game our season is extended. Due to this we want every team to get a shot at the championship, but we can't obviously hold a championship in December due to the weather. So we came with a decision to hold the championship in April, because the weather is much better and the game we have planned for the championship "hide n' seek" is best played in better weather conditions. If we see this growing into a trend again next year, all our championships will be performed the following spring. The top 4 will be notified immediately after the season is done, so check the leader board and see where you currently rank. I know to some of you it might be a dissapointment but we think it's in the best interest of all the teams that are playing in the current season to get a shot..we hope you understand..


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Museum Hunts To Start In The Early Winter To Late Spring..
We have stalled on this game just to perfect it.. what we want to do is with this type of game is to give a great amount of game for your money, that seems to be the mission with our company. It will be different than the typical Cashunt game and some of the museum games that are there today It actually will be a completely different game in a whole..which will make it interesting for the players that play it. The museum's that will hold these games will be a few museums in Boston and the New York City area. The great thing about these games is that they will be great for all ages, the pricing is excellent, it will be educational as well as competitive. And yes the winning score will be ranked for our 10th championship in the Fall 2010. Museum Admission will be included in the price.. We will make our final annoucement in the coming month, these games will be public as well as private..