Thursday, November 2, 2006

Just want to make a small note my fellow Cashunters.. We just have put our own myspace listing. We thought about this for sometime and decided to do it. This myspace listing is for people that have either played cashunt and like to talk about it or post their cashunt photos, or for people that love scavenger/treasure hunts etc. So come by and take a look:) So hit this link go to cashunt myspace to go on the myspace cashunt site.

Really excited about our new way we will be distributing our home versions of cashunt! As of October 1st, we did a protype service on this new project. How it is going to work is very simple, when a customer purchases any of the cashunt home versions the game will be sent to the customer in 24hrs or less in pdf form via e-mail. As of this blog the response has been awesome! I think personally that there is no better way than doing this digitally plus the customer avoids all shipping charges and everyone is happy! Now if someone wanted a home cashunt game via last minute we can arrange that we can have it to you in less than 6 to 12 hrs. Pretty cool... Check on or a list of games that are available for this service.