Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Be Different..Go Create Something!

A brilliant commercial..and very, very true. If you are creative don't have to look to far. Get out there and make something, be different!!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Cashunt Bridal Dash Game Overview

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Just a tad more interactive..

Every year we try to make Cashunt an experience rather than just "a game".  So this season we are taking a different approach to the game, by making the game much more interactive to the player.  So starting this spring we are applying instructional videos on the corner of each challenge page in our game booklets as one avenue.  This way the player can always get reintroduced to the challenge after the initial introductions via a game coordinator re explaining the challenge in a video. So with that said a player or players can have their questions answered right there.
    The other avenue we are taking is making our website even more interactive to potential clients by once again adding video to specific game pages. What the visitor will see is an interactive and "clickable" video where a game coordinator will explain the game in a verbal and visual way. This way the visitor get a clearer picture of the game product prior to reserving.  Even though each game page has always had a "written" description, we always believed in order to have a complete understanding of the cashunt product is via verbally.
    Lastly we are going to use clickable secret challenge videos during a game that are imbedded in the game booklets. Now we can't tell you what or where they are's a secret ;)

We listen and in return we create ;)