Thursday, January 25, 2018

Choosing Our New Cashunt Cities Carefully…

One of the coolest parts of our business is to find new locations for our product that will bring a new game element / theme to the new city that is chosen….but we are picky. A lot of businesses..want to grow rapidly which is fantastic…but that is not our method..I believe rapid growth tarnishes the novelty of the product. For us when we pick a new city it might take a year even two, but it has to fit the criteria. The “criteria” being location, working with the right people, how we can develop our game and have it reinvent itself every year, etc…which we will keep to ourselves. ;)
In 18 Years of Cashunt the one thing we are proud of is our reputation..and how that reflects is via the constant repeat clients as well as the fresh faces we see year after year. Building a business is definitely not as easy as people would imagine, just like any other business it takes alot of what many people see as a treaded word..”Work” ;) Once that is achieved and you can sacrifice a few things for some time…then your product’s execution will bring you some Bliss. The trick is you have to keep at it.
Anyhow, with that said we will be unveiling 2 new Cashunt cities tomorrow, both finally in warm areas of the country! Yay!!!!! One will kick off in April and the other soon to follow! The other passion project city which will take off in Late Spring is our first International location in Greece, on the beautiful island of Crete!
Slow and steady wins the race and that is my advice for everyone…that approach will give you victory. I promise you..

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