Thursday, January 24, 2013


    This year's Championship will be held on October 27th and usually for the past 3 years we have held it in Salem Ma during Haunted Happenings which is always so much fun.  But this year we are changing it up a little bit, we will be hosting the game in Harvard Square and the Back Bay area.  What changed our mind was after researching the Harvard Square area for our new game "The Havad Yahd Dash" we thought it would be the ideal place to host our championship there because there is soooo much detail in that area alone.  Also by including the Back Bay area it just expands the game so much more…the bigger the area the better.
    As we did last year our finals will only include our 2 top teams of the year..we think it becomes so much more competitive when you have it that way..when we had it as the "final four" for the past 11 seasons something lacked and it just didn't seem right..but by doing it this way just works like a well oiled machine.   At the end of the day having the top 2 teams going for our trophy sounds a lot better :)

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