Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Put A Ring On It With a "DASH" ;)

   During our 11th season of our game our office  started getting calls from certain individuals that wanted to use one of our game platforms as a disguise for a wedding proposal.  When I spoke to the very first gentleman that was thinking about this idea..the first thing I said to myself was "how the heck am I going to pull this off!"  So I turned it down…then after I took his information and got to thinking about it after we both got off the phone..  I took out my sketch book out and suddenly found myself designing a game that would be solely customized to a wedding proposal.  After a day I called that particular gentleman up..and I simply said that we are on!
   So after several weeks of customizing, scouting, designing, and planning the ultimate ending to this particular game …which was a wedding was game day. Our client had brought some friends and family to play as well as his unsuspecting girlfriend..and they played what appeared to be a "typical" Cashunt.  Forget the boyfriend being nervous…I was sweating bullets as if I was the one ready to propose.  The only thought that kept coming into my head was …"what if she says no?" Luckily everything went smoothly..she said yes, everybody enjoy the competition of the game, and ultimately the ending was really the "icing on the cake".
   Now at the time we were well into our 11th year  of doing our games and this was the first time we had received that type of call, but oddly enough after that event had passed the phone started to ring requesting the same thing!  We did 5 wedding proposal games that year and after they were done I simply said…no more..  It was way too nerve racking (mind you all the girls had said yes) but let me tell you as a coordinator my blood pressure must have been through the roof one each one!
   So now as I write this (January 2013) we have created a game that is by far  "less stressful".  You might ask, why did I decide to go back when I said…I'm done?  Well it's simple.. the phone calls started again last quarter for this type of situation.  After really listening to the client and talking to my team I came to realization we should come out with an interview process to see if the game/proposal would make sense for us to coordinate it….just to give us a better idea (how long have you been together?,  what kind of person is she?, that type of stuff)
   With that said we are happy to once again announce that we will be offering this type of service in Season 13..with a new game that is specifically designed for this type of event.  The name of the game will have an unsuspecting title so it will not give anything away…but it will defiantly be  a memorable game to say the least.  I can say one thing…it will be interesting ;)


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