Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Ultimate Cashunt Has Returned!

First off I want to wish everybody a happy 4th, hope you guys are still grilling out there! A few years ago we had a game called Ultimate Cashunt which was a very challenging game to say the least, also it was very well received. In late 2006 we took it off the market because we thought it needed to be even more challenging or the game should not be called "Ultimate". Well we took this game retooled it, re polished it, and created a monster of a game. We tested it out on 3 different groups in June and the outcome brought smiles to our faces. What we have produced is a 10 game, yes I said that right a 10 game in one scavenger hunt / live board game. To quote a famous saying from one of the biggest band in the world KISS "you want the best ? you got the best!", we believe we have it. The groups that played this game in June not only have played the regular Cashunt game but they have also played other companies games and the reviews were flattering and fantastic. Ultimate for now will be offered to corporate and some social events. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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